to desire the replica

posted by: Kim
posted on: February 19th, 2011

This one is a double shot.


“What’s a Bieber?”

-Ozzy Osbourne

#2 (said to me while smearing off the rather epic up to his neck post banana bread shit that Grayson just had)

“Look Auntie! I have balls!”


posted by: Kim
posted on: February 3rd, 2011

With all the craziness going on with Fig and Pepper, my birthday last week, Gray’s b-day the week before and the recent absolute insanity at work I have not only been neglecting all of the blogs that I love but I have also been neglecting this poor baby. Poor repliderium. I do love you.

She says while tenderly stroking it’s cheek.

I will be back, I promise.

I just don’t know when.