to desire the replica

posted by: Kim
posted on: February 6th, 2012

Oh Hi! Do I write here?

Sorry- it’s been a while because I’m horribly busy making my super-fan-fucking-tastic food blog a force to be reckoned with. It’s exhausting. Cooking, eating, cooking, eating, trying to re-configure left overs, cooking, eating.

Ich bin sehr müde.

So anyway- I pulled my head outta my ass long enough to mention that something super fantastic is happening to my best friend in the whole wide world. Even the whole wide web world. So, yeah, BIG. Oh, and did I mention that I can’t tell you what it is????

Hahahhaah. I’m kinda a bitch like that. On the up side, my people know that I can keep a secret FOREVER. Even if it means that we don’t know the president is having an affair with an alien weather for today.

Ok- enough subterfuge. I have a best friend and she is experiencing something remarkable right now- something I have had a slightly similar experience with recently. Still can’t tell you, but I’m pretty fucking happy because she’s pretty fucking happy.

I once crossed a line and almost lost her and tonight she said the words “What did you do!!??” They almost killed me because I’m protective and fierce, but not stupid. I did nothing. I sat at home and worried and cried a few times and felt sad and then happy and then sad and then mad and then brilliantly happy.

Wow. For anyone other than Suz, exactly how annoying is this post? HA! it’s ok though- it’s been so damn long since I posted that I doubt any of you are still here.

Sorry internet but that’s all you get. I am happy because she is happy and we now (kind of) weirdly share something that I didn’t think I’d ever be able to explain to anyone. Ever. And no, by “share” I don’t mean that I slept with her husband (though when agreeing to be her son’s godparent she tried to make me promise that I would divorce Steve & marry Stan in the event of her death. She even said Steve & I could stay married as long as we pretended that we weren’t and I “became” Stan’s wife.) Yeah- she’s a total fucking weirdo.

But, we have already shared so much through out our lives and when I hit that weird patch I was kind of alone, or so I thought. Now we can both wear that shit eating grin and feel a deep sense of happiness/fulfillment/love/wonder.

Yup. Fuck you all because no matter how great your best friend is, mine is still better.