to desire the replica

posted on: May 7th, 2010

**After finishing a fantastic dinner of pepper & espresso crusted steak & smoked paprika potato salad**

Me- “Baby, wouldn’t you hate living with someone who didn’t love to cook?”

Steve- “Yeah.”

Me -“You’d live on chef boyardi, pizza, and anything frozen or out of a can that could be a complete dinner in 5 minutes.”

Steve- “She’d have to be over-the-top miraculously hot.”

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Brian Smart Says:

Steve: Lesson learned I guess. A guy always needs to be prepared with the proper response and well…that was not it. Sometimes this happens when the little head talks instead of the big head. You would have been better off to stick with “yeah”…simply agreeing would have kept you out of trouble. It’s also tough to make a save in a situation like this once you realize what you have said and to paraphrase Oprah you have a “holy fuck” moment, so following up with a panicked and blubbering “But even if she was honey I would eat razor blades and drink gasoline if it meant spending the rest of my life with you” will do no good and will likely provoke an attack. Good rule of thumb is once you’ve dug yourself into a hole to just stop digging.

Stever Says:

Brian, it was ok. The upper upper echelon of hotness is fair game, since it’s un-obtainable for us mere mortals. It’s already been established we’d both leave each other for an Angelina Jolie…. if either of us actually had a shot at that.

Brian Smart Says:

Then you’re a lucky guy Steve. Last night we’re watching TV and this commercial comes on…I think it was for perfume…with Scarlett Johansson and I made this brief and barely discernible sound that a German Shepard would not have heard an inch away from me, but my wife sure as hell zeroed in on it. Might have also been that I went from half asleep to “praire dog on alert” mode in a nanosecond…that was more noticeable I guess.

Jeannie Says:

Can Angelina cook?

Kim Says:

Jeannie- she’s hot enough that we could order out! hahahh

suz Says:

OOOoooOOOh! That Scar Jo! She’s all boobs and lips and no brains! Drrrr! Funny thing is Brian…Steve is not so secretly in love ith her too. Funny…Kim didn’t really react…hmmmm….

Phaedra Says:

Lol @ Jeannie’s comment - classic!

kim Says:

suz- only because I also think she’s brainless… She’s no threat! Lol!

a name Says:

…I’d give up all the hotness in the world for Alton Brown. :D

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