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posted on: July 13th, 2010

Steve; “Hey, that guy you like got an Emmy nomination.”

Me “Who?”

Steve “Henry Michael Thomas.”

Me “Who?”

Steve “The one from How I met Your Mother.”

Me “You mean Neil Patrick Harris?”

Steve “Yeah.”

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I had no idea you even LIKED Jeffrey Dean Morgan!

Karen Moore Says:

My beloved Kelly, used to get so confused with all the bands that our girls listened to. He was sure that TLC was “TLC Waterfalls”

Kim Says:

What is it with celebrities- either one name or THREE!!! WTF??

Kim Says:

hmmm. Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Brian Smart Says:

Mr. Potato Head


Jeannie Says:


Brian Smart Says:

Hey is it not time pretty soon for another rousing version of “Dear Asshole”?

Kim Says:

Yes…. I have a few stored up- maybe this weekend I’ll pull another asshole outta the hat!

Brian Smart Says:

I got one you could use: the Vacuum Saga.

Short version bought a vacuum from Canadian Tire July 11 2009. Got it home and it’s busted in the box. Return it and bring #2 home - also busted in the box. Return it and bring #3 home - lasts a few months but also breaks. #s 4 and 5 the same thing happens. #6 broke and when I returned it to the assholes at Canadian Tire they would not replace because the 1 year warranty from date of purchase from the first vacuum was up…by 2 days. They give me a 1-800 number so I can talk to rude and not very helpful guy in Quebec who will send me a part, which I fix myself apparently, and I pay for the shippin which is more $ than the part. Manager at Canadian Tire in Whitehorse says to my wife that “he’ll put his customer service team up against any in Canada”. to which my wife replies…”OK..let’s I’m going to try that with your customer service folks at your head office” which she promptly does and they cover the cost of a new vacuum and then some. I guess you could call this “Wife takes care of Asshole”. God I love that woman.

Love Neal Patrick Harris - Can’t wait for the sequel to Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Phaedra Says:

i think i just peed i laughed so hard.

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