to desire the replica

posted on: October 6th, 2010

Comment by a member on Matt’s blog In relation to KFC

“It’s gross, but satisfying.”

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Brian Smart Says:

So true. KFC and many of the FF chains are a great idea if you are a) drunk or b) drunk and starving. Of course there is always the post-feast regret phase; the “Oh Jesus…why the fuck did I eat that”.

Kim Says:

That’s the kind of crap I want when hung over, not drunk. And I always feel worse afterward…

Brian Smart Says:

When I was in university I dated a girl from Halifax. I was visiting her once in the summer and we came home all loaded up…and I ate 4 lobsters out of her parent’s fridge.

Kim Says:

hahahahah! Now THAT’S a post bar feast!

Jeannie Says:

I haven`t had kfc for years. I regret that stuff just breathing the air.

Kim Says:

It’s like a meal for your lungs!

It’s funny because it’s true.

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