to desire the replica

posted on: January 24th, 2011

Said Saturday evening by my THREE YEAR OLD godson baby Gray when asked what “Black” is.

“Black is the absence of colour.”

Fuck do I love that kid.

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Brian Smart Says:

How can kids be so cute and say such poignant things at the exact same time?

My son is quite a bit older but cracked me up several week ago while we (OK when I say “we” I mean “him”) were putting away Chrismas decorations under the stairs:

me:”Zach…what the heck are you doing? Just shove the box in there!”

Zach: “Well sorry Dad but I can’t see a thing …it’s as dark as Dracula’s ass-crack under here”.

Kim Says:

hahah! NICE!

a name Says:

Damn, smart kid! …My answer would’ve been “all the colors” (though if you dilute Crayola black marker, it’s actually mostly blue).

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