to desire the replica

posted on: February 19th, 2011

This one is a double shot.


“What’s a Bieber?”

-Ozzy Osbourne

#2 (said to me while smearing off the rather epic up to his neck post banana bread shit that Grayson just had)

“Look Auntie! I have balls!”


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batcavebilly Says:

Just saw that commercial, laughed my ass off, and do you think that perhaps that won’t be the last time that you hear that phrase from Gray ?;)

Brian Smart Says:

Had a good quote from my partner Aaron yesterday, ironically on balls. We were on patrol on the Dawson Trail that runs between the Takhini River and Braeburn to the north. I was leading and Aaron went off the trail buy accident and was hurrying to catch up. I noticed eventually he was not behind me and stopped for a minute and he eventually showed up. He was pale. I guess I’d blown by a bull moose at about 45km/hr and in so doing startled it. Aaron who was doing about 6okm/hr came around the corner to have the bull trotting across the trail and missed him by less than 6ft…if he’d hit the moose he’d have been killed. When I asked how close the moose was Aaron says:

“I dunno…he was so close all I saw was ass and balls”

We stopped and had a cigar on Dog Grave Lake after that…

Brian Smart Says:

…we were on snowmobiles by the way…I don’t XC ski that fast.

Kim Says:

hahhahahaha! LOVE IT!
Today’s quote from the little man was
“Is there too much poop Aunty?”
(There really was!)

If I had a nickel for every time I’d casually mentioned my balls like that in conversation ;-)

Kim Says:

What is it with you guys and your ball? Can you imagine if you had our boobs? It’s all we’d ever freaking HEAR about!

batcavebilly Says:

I’ve got more than one ball, thankyou very much ;)

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