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posted on: October 30th, 2008

McCain on Larry King Live last night referring to Sarah Palin;

“She’s a quick study.”

May I just remind you Sen. McCain that the most important job of the future Vice President is to step in and take over should the big guy be unable. Seeing as you are 4 million years old, the likelihood of that should you guys win next week is reasonably high. And you have the gall to say to the American people that she’s a quick study?! Are you on crack? The position of Vice President of the USA is hardly an entry level position designed for training purposes! Americans, you should be afraid! VERY AFRAID!

Now, having said that and shaking my head in absolute bafflement, I do have to give him top marks for this one, also on Larry King, about whether or not Colin Powell’s endorsement of Obama was race related;

“No. I don’t believe that. I reject that.”

Good on ya John!

(But seriously? She’s a quick study???  Did you get that from a fucking McDonald’s training video?)

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Slick Says:

I’m with ya…

I think he’s already getting senile.

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