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posted on: January 31st, 2010

This is a good one. It will get you laid or out of the dog house or whatever you currently require. It’s best if you can make the salsa & the potato salad early in the am so they can marinate in the fridge all day. Use tightly sealed containers & shake that shit up every couple of hours.

You will need;

A bevy to drink while cooking- I am going with a nice Shiraz. (I’m suspect of people who don’t drink while they cook- it’s like a bartender that doesn’t drink. Makes me think that I’m being poisoned.)

Lemon thyme potato salad;

2 lemons, about 15 baby new potatoes, 2 sprigs fresh thyme, 1 red onion, a big splash of apple cider vinegar, 2 cloves of garlic, hand full of trimmed green beans, salt & pepper.

Half or quarter the potatoes depending on size. Boil the potatoes & green beans (cooked, but still firm- not mushy.) strain them and leave to cool. Zest one lemon into a large bowl then add juice from both. Add a good splash of apple cider vinegar & garlic cloves, finely chopped.  Sprinkle with salt & pepper and add half a red onion, thinly sliced. Chop the shit out of the thyme leaves and add cooled potatoes & beans. Stick it in the fridge.

Pineapple Mango salsa;

Fresh cilantro, 1 very ripe mango, a few slices of fresh pineapple (please don’t used canned- it isn’t the same)  couple slices of red onion finely diced, 1 lime.

Chop up the pineapple & mango into little chunks- not too big- but not too tiny or they just get mushy. finely dice cilantro leaves (about 2 tbsp???) Zest the lime and then squeeze the juice into the bowl. Dice up the red onion small- again, about 2 tbsp? Sorry- cooking isn’t an exact science for me- it’s all about throwing good shit in a bowl & seeing how it comes out. Throw this in a sealed container in the fridge to mix & marinade into kick ass salsa goodness.

Blackened Snapper;

2 nice sized snapper fillets. A shit load of blackening spices. ( I personally use a pre-made Cajun mix to which I add a fuck-ton of Cayenne & smoked paprika & dried red chilies.) The fish can be VERY spicy as both sides are cool & fresh.

Slather the fillets in blackening spices- coat them very well. Add equal parts butter & olive oil (about 3 tbsp of oil and a half inch chunk of butter?) Heat the pan till HOT then add the snapper & cook a few min on each side till crispy and cooked through. If you like your fish cooked above the regular med rare then get thin fillets- this has to be cooked hot and fast and thick fillets will be burnt to a fucking crisp by the time they’re cooked through.)

Ok- not to state the obvious or anything but plate the fish, add a huge dollop of salsa & the potato salad & EAT. Check my contact page for the correct address for the gifts that you will now feel obligated to send me.

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Stever Says:

Listen up kids. It was very yummy :)

Jeannie Says:

Sounds delicious. I’ll need to shop for EVERYTHING to make it. Not sure we can even get snapper here. Even frozen.

Dave Says:

Sounds like you made up for the fact that we skipped our big Sunday dinner here last night.
Next weekend.
I’m not waiting that long to try this one out though.

kim Says:

Jeannie- I’m guessing that halibut or talapia or even basa would be just as good!

Phaedra Says:

Yum-Yum! and I hear ya with the glass, or 2 of Shiraz while prepping the meal.

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