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posted on: December 22nd, 2009

RECIPE DAY!!!!!!!!! This one kicks ass, but it’s kinda a two parter- is best to be able to let it sit overnight after cooking but if you can’t- start early in the morning and give it a t least a few hours to sit in the fridge.

You’ll need;

3 bottles of red wine (one for you for part 1, one for you for part 2, one for the oxtail. It’s good to share.)

4 or 5 nice chunks of oxtail (sometimes hard to find- keep your eyes open- it will appear in your meat dept now & then if you don’t have a local butcher. Trust me, it’s worth the wait.)

couple of tbsp flour                                  tsp dried chilies

tsp cayenne                                               tbsp dried mustard powder

2 sprigs fresh thyme                                 3 or 4 whole bay leaves

2 lg onions                                                2 carrots

2 stalks celery                                           I med turnip

4 cloves garlic                                           1 tbsp oil

1/2 inch chunk of butter                           salt & fresh ground pepper

1 tomato pureed or chopped very finely     5 fat mushrooms (no, not that kind)

heaping tbsp grainy mustard                      heaping tbsp Dijon mustard

Heat your big bad oven to 300

Put flour, a few grinds of black pepper, dried mustard, cayenne & most of the dried chillies (saving a pinch for later) in to a ziplock and shake to completely coat oxtail. Melt butter & oil in oven safe pan/dutch oven thing over med/high heat- add oxtail & brown all sides- once it has nice colour, pull those creepy looking things out, set aside. Add chopped carrot, onion, turnip & celery (roughly chopped- all about same sized pieces) and stir for a few minutes. Add thinly sliced garlic, mushrooms cut into quarters, and tomato puree. Cook until mushrooms start to shrink down a bit- about 5 min. Drop oxtail back into pot, dump in the bottle of wine, the fresh thyme, bay leaves and remaining pinch of chilies. Bring to a quick boil then cover with lid and pop that little pot of heaven into the oven. Let it cook for 2-3 hours or until meat pulls off with little effort. Let stand until cool and then leave in the fridge overnight (or as long as you can)

Part two- Skim fat off of top, heat on stove slowly- when hot all the way through add grainy & Dijon mustard and cook for no more than 8-10 minutes.

Best with creamy mash potatoes made with hot milk, a sprinkle of fresh parsley, a handful of warmed frozen peas thrown in and a good dose of salt & pepper.

Now tell me- those weird looking fuckers sure do make a kick ass winter dinner- don’t they? If you’re a big fat baby and can’t imagine cooking them- do the same thing with a chunk of brisket but let it cook straight for 4-5 hours and serve- no need to sit overnight. Cut the wine in half and replace with beef stock & throw in a little horseradish root if you can find it. You’re missing out though.

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Dusty Says:

Umm…can I substitute some other meat for the Ox tail? ;)

Kim Says:

Dusty! Don’t make me stop this damn car and come back there!

Dusty Says:

Ox tail and Cow tongue are two things I refuse to eat as an adult. My mommy made me eat cow tongue as a child..why..I dunno..but the ole biddy did and it scarred me. ;)

Kim Says:

I’ll admit- have never had tongue. Can’t say that I’m rushing out to either.

Stever Says:

Dusty, the oxtail is kinda similar to ribs. Bits of meat around bone, with chunks of fat around it to give it flavor. Lots of flavor.

It takes some effort to pick the meat out from around the bone and fat, but well worth it.

Tongue is a different story all together. I group it with kidney, heart, brain and all that other stuff I wont touch.

Stever Says:

1 exception though, if its all ground up into hot dogs, with the rest of the lips, assholes and other random bits, then I’ll eat it. Enthusiastically!

Dusty Says:

Um, I won’t eat hotdogs either..unless I am drunk or haven’t eaten in a couple of dayz.

Thanks Stever, but I still can’t get into the thought of eating anything’s tail. ;)

Kim Says:

Now that I think about it- a crap load of beef short ribs would probably be killer this way too just make sure they’re as thick as you can get them

Brian Smart Says:

Kim: I hope you realize that it’s not every day when you are going through a recipe that you read: “I’ll admit- have never had tongue…” or find the finished culinary creation referred to as “weird looking fuckers”.

One of the guys at work was looking for a recipe for a Family/Christmas party dinner and he’s doing with moose ribs.

Kim Says:

He’s doing my oxtail recipe with moose ribs??? SWEET!!!!!! Let me know how they turn out! (moose is my second favorite wild meat- bear being my ultimate fav!!!)

Brian Smart Says:

Will do…and he said to say he’s substituting one bottle of wine for one bottle of whiskey (for the cook not for the moose).

Stever Says:

Moose can get pretty surly as it is. I know, I’ve been charged by a few. NEVER, EVER FEED THEM WISKEY! bad idea.

Kim Says:

Tell your friend that i like his style…. and Steve- you’re the one who made me dress up and then fed me whiskey- no wonder I charged you!

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