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posted on: February 15th, 2010

It’s recipe day!!!!!! And this time we’re drinking white wine. I know, change is difficult. We’ll get through it together…..

You’ll need

A bottle of white wine- I like pinot grigio but anything dry will do- avoid Chardonnay. This recipe only calls for 1 cup so buy something you like to drink silly!

About 3 dozen or so fresh small clams

2 cloves of finely sliced garlic cloves

good sized pinch of dried chilies

a handful of roughly chopped fresh parsley

3 tbsp olive oil

salt & fresh pepper

Put on a big pot of well salted water to boil for the linguine noodles.

Put 1 cup of wine in a medium pot, bring it to a boil, drop in the clams and put a lid on that baby. They should only take 2-3 minutes to cook and fully open. Dig out the meat and discard any clams that didn’t open. separately, set aside clam meat & cooking booze because you’re gonna need it in a minute.

In a big skillet heat 1 tbsp of the oil over med/low heat and toss in garlic. (psst- hey you. Don’t forget about the noodles. Make the damn linguine noodles!!!) Stir the garlic until it softens but don’t let it start to colour- it changes the taste. Stir in chilies & parsley and cook for another minute or so. Stir in wine from clam cooking and let it bubble down for a couple minutes. Drain pasta and add it as well as the remaining oil & clam meat to the pan. Add a shit load of fresh ground back pepper and a big pinch of crushed rock salt or sea salt. (Are you still using crappy table salt? Really? Buy a cheap little mortar & pedestal or salt grinder and get the good stuff- it’s not expensive and it make a HUGE fucking difference.)

Deep warm bowls & a chunk of toasted baguette. Oh yeah, that’s the goods baby, and in all of 15 minutes.

For more goodness check out my food blog Fig & Pepper

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Brian Smart Says:

Looks awesome. My wife has a seafood allergy but is going away for awhile on business; the rest of us deep sea feeders here will give it a try. Funny about the wine; I remember making Trifle (I know I spelled that wrong) with me Grandma. She was from Scotland and after the first bottle of sherry sent me out for another (her and me auntie took awhile and some sherry to recall the recipe).

BTW Kim, the recipe you sent our just before Christmas was done with Dall sheep here (I think I said they would try with moose…if I sound any more like Sarah Palin I’m going to step in front of a snow plow) and by all accounts feckin brilliant.

Kim Says:

mmmmm….. never had me some braised sheep, there Sarah…
hahahah. Glad it turned out well!

Brian Smart Says:


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