to desire the replica

posted on: September 20th, 2009


As you may or may not know- I am obsessed with food and cooking. A couple of great cooking blogs are Restaurant Refugee & Cooking for Assholes in case you’re interested……..

So, seeing as I have 8 little freelance writing projects due next week, today should be a writing day. Somehow, it’s turned into a cooking day. Not that I mind.

And that my friends is how you build an ass kicking chowder.

For more goodness check out my food blog Fig & Pepper

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Bon Don Says:

I think I’m in love with you…yummmmm

TK Says:

What do you think of that blog The Pioneer Woman? She has a whole cooking section.

kim Says:

Have only checked it out a couple of times- is a bit too “mommyblog” for me (though I find Dooce hysterical, go figure)

TK Says:

I can see that… I kind of agree. Every time I visit, I end up whining and stamping my foot as I think, “I want a cowboy tooooooo!”

justjp Says:

I want this for lunch like, right now!

LiLu Says:

That second site has me hooked with the title alone. It already knows me.

Brian Smart Says:

That looks awesome; “chowder” is like soup on steroids.

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