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posted on: April 23rd, 2009

I’m definitely excelling in the role of Cranky Mcburnoutbitchtyface. I’m tired, I’m lacking any and all motivation, the weather is shit, and Lola Gold has a flat. I know, I know, be positive and happy and then rainbows and unicorns will surround me while small animated Disney birds land on my shoulder and sing magical songs.

(Does one need a hunting license for Disney birds? Or may I just blow their day glow coloured heads off without formal documentation?)

On the upside, I finally have a surgery date to have those 4 ridiculous less-than-wise teeth ripped outta my skull where they will undoubtedly leave behind gaping blood filled holes that reach all the way into my jaw…… Wait. This is my upside?

Yeah, I’m fucked.

I’m gonna go cheer myself up by running out and buying these shirts for Steve and I so we can sit at home and stare longingly into each others eyes in our matching too cute for words shirts while Air Supply plays softly in the background.

Jealous, aren’t you?

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Dusty Says:

Well shit..if Lola is flat its time to toss in the towel and get all relaxed and chill..its happy hour somewhere in the world right now..I just know it.

Today’s special..Cosmo’s at my place. ;)I love that I can cleanse my kidney’s whilst have a toddy ya know? :lol:

Those shirts. Wow.

I hope the day gets better.

Karen Moore Says:

Can you hear me softly singing…”I’m all out of love”. Oh Air Supply how I miss you!

becky Says:

ice cream and jello for a week? sounds fun to me! no, i’m just kidding, it will be awful. make sure you get some really, really, really great drugs from that doctor! the worst part are the sutures in your mouth, yuck! oh, and the pain.

Dusty Says:

Holy fuckamoly..I didn’t notice those shirts when I commented earlier..perhaps I was mixing a cosmo at the time! ;)

Donna Says:

Hot damnnnnnn those are groovy. Cheer up buttercup. (Don’t punch me for saying that. lol)

LiLu Says:

You had me at “Air Supply.”

Oddly enough, yes.

JayJo Says:


Repliderium, this has to be one of the greatest posts you’ve made to date! I was laughing hysterically as I emphatically scanned every line!

I’m sorry to hear about your upcoming surgery. Been there. Done that. And, dumb.

Good luck!

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