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posted on: July 19th, 2010

I just finished eating a salad for second breakfast that was so fucking boring it should have killed itself. Or been a guest on The View.

I am about to start this stupid “cleanse” which essentially means a liquid diet. Given how much I LOVE food, would marry food, would have a skanky one night stand with food, this might be difficult. However, beer and wine are liquids and I have always had difficulty following a recipe, or rules for that matter, so we’ll see.

Steve- we’re walking to Dairy Queen for dinner and I’m having a double fucking flamethrower. And fries.

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Jeannie Says:


Karen Moore Says:

Considering I have to work directly in front of you, thanks for the heads up. For as long as you are on this cleanse, I will be coming to work wearing a helmet and a protective shield. I have one question tho….what possessed you to do a fucking cleanse???????

Kim Says:

I think I’m into self punishment? Seriously though- have been over indulging since winter and need to push restart button.

Brian Smart Says:

If it helps I ate an elk steak last night that was so big I should have got a t-shirt for finishing it. Tonight is bison. Wife is away so I am on a liquid diet too :$

Kim Says:

Your version of the diet sounds WAY more fun than mine!

“Or been a guest on The View.”


Thanks for that.

Brian Smart Says:

Maybe you should “repudiate” to take that diet (only Sarah Palin knows what that word really means…if anything).

Kim Says:

I’m wondering how long it will take for a Palin Dictionary to come out…

Brian Smart Says:

They’re not even good or useful words like asshat or fucktard. I made one up - “quirkedy” when describing some film I had just seen and was trying to get across that it was a quirky comedy and so BAM it became a “quirkedy”.

Best part is to cover her dumb ass she compares herself to Shakespeare.

Kim Says:

I laughed my ass off when matt posted that. Yeah, you’re just like Shakespeare Sarah.

Phaedra Says:

have you tried the Wild Rose cleanse? You get to eat and it’s much gentler on your mind and body.

Kim Says:

I haven’t tried it but I’m such an “all or nothing” gal that the “allowed to do certain things” to me means “alright! carry on as usual!”

Batcavebilly Says:

+1 on the Wild Rose. I’ve done it a number of times and it always gets me back on track. I just started it a couple days ago.

Kim Says:

Totally gonna start calling you rosie now bill!

I’d definitely rather kill myself than be a guest on The View.

Kim Says:

I truly think most people would.

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