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posted on: October 27th, 2008

Are you fucking kidding me?

Imagine using a syringe on multiple patients to administer drugs via IV and then finding out that there is a risk of infection due to back flow to said patients.

Now imagine me looking at you and screaming “NO SHIT, SHERLOCK!

Single-fucking-use people!

Single-fucking-use people!

There is a reason that those smarmy little packages say “Single use only” and though I quite often ignore that warning when it comes to Starbucks paper coffee cups and disposable razors, one would assume a higher level of due diligence by the health care professionals involved. I’m pretty sure that whole “Universal Precautions” thing is a directive to be followed rather than a suggestion one can shrug off when not convenient. I’m sorry to be an asshole here but you simply cannot, under ANY circumstance, tell me that you didn’t know any better.

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Chick Says:

There’s no denying it…some people are idiots.

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