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posted on: March 8th, 2010

Dear catholic church,

Why do you make it so bloody easy to hate you? Considering the sins of your most faithful, most fervent follows, it’s a damn good thing that your particular god only needs an “Oops! Sorry about that!”" for the slate to be wiped clean. It’s okay to rape and pillage and murder- then cover it all up- as long as you apologize.

Oh, and then after you sexually abuse untold numbers of small children under the guise of your religious superiority, you can actually ask your parishioners to help foot the bill for the resulting lawsuit. How clever of you!

Count your lucky stars that the catholic church thinks this is all okay because if you were a member of The Religion of Dog, we’d rip your fucking throat out.



Seriously people, I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried. The church is asking it’s members to chip in to help raise the 10 million Euro settlement against it after dozens of it’s priests were found guilty of child sexual abuse going as far back as 1962

“If Christ was here, he would be burning down the Vatican, and I for one would be helping him.”

I couldn’t agree with you more Sinead. I mean, if I believed in him in the first place.

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Brian Smart Says:

I figure if it was one of my kids, the priest that laid their hands on they’d have already been sent to meet the boss.

Kim Says:


Jeannie Says:

With the billions of dollars the Vatican has - untold treasures - investments etc - I really think some financing should be going out from the Vatican instead of into it for once. Greedy assholes.

What’s worse is that they’ll get it from their parishioners. Ugh.

Brian Smart Says:

An interesting, but not totally relevant aside: I went to a Restorative Justice meeting tonight that involved a young offender in Whitehorse. This young man did a shitty thing but is not a shitty person; seems like a nice lad as me Grandfather would say. He sat in a room full of adults, admitted what he’d done wrong, and took his lumps. I thought that was pretty courageous of him and thought that there’s a lot of adults (Kim: those you point out in your spiel above) could have taken a lesson from that. Call it what you want: ethics, honour, responsibility, decency…it’s a fucking shame when we have to point out to people that this is what we’re talking about and they don’t get a Nobel Peace Prize for just being decent human beings. It’s not that hard is it?

Sometimes if I think I’m going off-side I can feel my Grandfather’s hand smack me in the back of the head; “Smarten up boy-o…you know better than that”. I think he follows me around; I’m Ok with that.

Kim Says:

“they don’t get a Nobel Peace Prize for just being decent human beings.”
Well said Brian!!!!!

Tell them to melt the 4 golden columns at St. Marks…That should pay for it.

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