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posted on: August 2nd, 2010

There’s that saying “It’s all smoke and mirrors.” I just didn’t realize they meant in my fucking living room. It’s center of the sun hot here right now but I can’t remember when I last saw blue sky.

This picture isn’t really all that impressive unless you know that there is actually a mountain back there. Several in fact, and not all that far away. It’s as though I suddenly live in the prairies without having any memory of packing and moving and leaving the mountains behind. It’s kinda like my glasses are dirty but no amount of cleaning removes the film that I am looking through.

This shot- also not particularly impressive- shows a blurry hill. On a normal day you can pick out individual trees. You can see the trail of dust left behind an ATV as it roars upward. Not so much these days. The interior is a shroud of smoke and the constant buzz of water bombers. 2 firefighters just died the other day when their bomber crashed and then the wreckage started yet another fire. I’ve lost track of how many are burning in my beloved BC interior. It reminds me of those uber foggy mornings in Vancouver where everything just disappears into the mist. Instead of that wonderfully sharp and briny sea smell, my house is a campfire, only missing the whole Kumbaya and marshmallow roasting part of it.

Fuck. I’d kill for a bit of wind right now.

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Phaedra Says:

super scary! every summer I pray that there is no interior fires - but I guess no one is listening. stay safe and hopefully the smoke doesn’t give you a smokers cough ;)

Kim Says:


Kim Says:

It’s even worse today- there’s ash falling and the air totally looks like soup.

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