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posted on: August 19th, 2010

Aug 19, 2010 – Kamloops. The Ministry of Environment has issued a Smoke Advisory for Kamloops and surrounding areas because of forest fire smoke that is affecting the area. Smoke concentrations will vary widely as winds, fire behaviour and temperatures change. This situation is expected to persist for at least the next 24 hours.
Between 8:00 and 9:00am this morning smoke levels rose rapidly in Kamloops. The Ministry of Forest is not aware of any new fires close to Kamloops: the smoke now in the Kamloops area is probably from fires burning in the Cariboo.
Avoid outdoor activities.
Fire activity is on-going, creating the potential for smoky conditions. Forecast is for a change of weather on Thursday which may improve air quality.”

Breathing is optional.

Breathing is optional.

This is our day……… businesses are closing all over the place and the few mask donning pedestrians that are about make it appear like either Has Mat or Michael Jackson fans have invaded the downtown core. Visibility is at about a block right now and we all reek of that sour burnt wood smell.


I know we’ve been here before, but never in my recollection has the smoke been this bad. You shouldn’t be able to actually chew the air, should you? Not much to do but sit back and watch BC burn….

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Brian Smart Says:

Drove from Edmonton to Fort Nelson BC on Friday and then Fort Nelson to Whitheorse on last Saturday. Northern BC and Souther Yukon were pretty smokey but looked a lot worse off in the distance.

Kim Says:

Uhg. It’s brutal here right now. Streets are dead, nothing’s going on and you can barely see down the damn block. I feel like I’m in an old shitty western or something.

Jeannie Says:

Good day to hang some salmon out to smoke?

I’m sure the fires are more than a nuisance - some anxiety too depending on where they are. We don’t get such things around here - just smog.

Kate Says:

Hope it gets better soon!

batcavebilly Says:

Breathe deep. Just think of all the acres of grow ops going up in smoke ;)

Kim Says:

On a scale of 1-10 Kamloops air is apparently an 11 right now. Feel bad for those with breathing problems…..

Phaedra Says:

How awful! Worse than an old western - it has more of a Children of the Corn feel to it ;) Road trip to Vancouver? Our air is fresh and clean!

Kim Says:

ohhhhhh. I wish!!!!

I’d take BC on fire over Vegas in August anytime. Still, try not to inhale too much of that. Unless it’s that pot farm that was guarded by a dozen or so bears. Then you might want the contact high ;-)

Kim Says:

I laughed so hard when I read that….. Only we would use bears……

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