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posted on: May 13th, 2010

Great rivers of oil are gushing into the water at an astonishing rate and BP still can’t stop the flow. They have fucked up royally and we all know it. They know we know it. They hold press conference after press conference about their greatest new idea to save the day and the tone isn’t one of shame or horror, it’s more like “Rally the troops! Let’s figure it out gang!” It’s almost as though he hopes to have us all get behind their valiant effort while attempting to administer a verbal lobotomy on us with his soothing “There’s no I in team, folks!” bullshit.

What I find interesting about this whole shit show is how people are reacting to it. Yes, everyone cried foul after Exxon when down and emptied it’s belly in the water, but then it was over and the clean up began and it slowly drifted off of the front page. Eventually people forgot. Ok, maybe not David Suzuki, but it did lose it’s shock & horror value once we stopped seeing the dead oil covered animals on the news every night. Let’s face it people, we forget. Not everyone obviously, but “Middle America” has a history of forgetting rather quickly. (I do mean us Canadians as well but “Middle Canada”  doesn’t have the same ring- makes us sound like a weird tribe of hobbits from a Tolkien novel- and we all know that can’t be true since hobbits don’t live in igloos.)

So- yes, we forget. However…. I think this one might be different. As the BP spill is lacking the normal “Spill, cry, clean up, and move on” formula, we stand far less of a chance of forgetting. It’s still fucking gushing and growing and killing and destroying.

And it might take months to stop it.

We’ll be watching this for months- watching the oil take over the water- and watching BP try to blame others even though something as stupid as a $500,000.00 acoustic switch which they said was “too expensive” to install could have prevented this, and even though just last year BP lobbied hard against tighter safety regulations for the industry. (Roy has an excellent post over at Matt’s all about this greed fuckery)

Will a man made disaster of this magnitude be enough to force politicians out of bed with the oil the companies and make it easier for them to side with the environment rather than the stack of dollar bills? As we watch oil pour into the sea month after month while BP fumbles around, will it enrage us enough to really give a shit and demand change? And I mean demand it until it happens, not just demand it until it’s time to go pick the kids up from school or time to go back to work and “here- can you hold this rally sign for me, I gotta drive to starbucks for a latte.” Because make no mistake kiddies- politicians loooove waiting us out because we stamp and scream and holler until it’s time to go on that golf trip or weekend drive up to the wine country. “I know there’s a boycott, but this shit was already planned!”

We always cave and they know it.

Maybe BP fucked up so big and so bad that we won’t cave this time. Maybe we’ll just keep stamping and screaming and hollering until they cave.

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Jeannie Says:

It won’t be forgotten because there are a lot of rich people who have homes along the gulf coast. When their little playground gets messed up, things will start to improve.
They will hold gala fundraisers and allow all the little people to volunteer to do all the tedious clean up for them.

Brian Smart Says:

Not sure if you heard David Suzuki last week on Q but he had some really great points (as usual). First off he questionned why there was not an emergency shut off or dump valve. Secondly he made a more philosophical observation that this will be at the forefront of our collective conscience only until something else comes along and grabs our attention. That is not to be confused with something more important - he used Tiger Woods as an example in a hypothetical kind of way - one second we’re all crying about whales but this only lasts until a famous golfer gets caught making the monster with two backs (my words not his) with a bunch of cocktail waitresses and then POOF! Whales? What whales? Sometimes I would like to drop a bomb on the world made of ritalin so we could all just FUCKING FOCUS FOR AWHILE!

Good point Jeannie; how many lawsuits from folks with ruined beachfront properties and class-actions suits from tourism and shrimp fishermen will BP handle before declaring bankruptcy? Will a bailout package from the UK follow?

Dave Says:

I feel ill trying to see the bright side, but thank dog this spill is right smack dab on the populated American coastline. If it was an American drilling platform off the coast of Iraq it would be out of the news already. If it was an American drilling platform off the coast of Canada it would be out of the news already. It will be at least next Thursday until Fox news has middle America convinced that Louisiana is just complaining, we’ve sent as much aid as we can, what do they want us to do about it?

kim Says:

Isn’t it sad how disillusioned we all are….
I hope to hell that for once we got it wrong and this royal fuck up brings on some positive change.

One Fly Says:

Good post that raises many of the same questions that other disasters do.

Nobody got pissed off about a war for lies even two years after the fact when they did find out. The ones that did are probably the ones most pissed off now.

I expect nothing from the slugs that have the power to do something because that’s what they do.

We are so screwed!

Dan Says:

“Maybe BP fucked up so big and so bad that we won’t cave this time. Maybe we’ll just keep stamping and screaming and hollering until they cave.”

Cynicism: Yeah, that’ll happen, just you watch.

Now if petrol for those disgusting SUV-swinemobiles were to go up to $2.50/litre–which is close to what it costs in most of Europe–then, we might just see a blip or three on the radar.

I hope you’re right and this is enough to keep us mad, but I doubt it will be. It’s frightening to imagine what the repercussions of this will be. I did see that it’s been enough to change California republicans’ stance on “drill baby drill.”

misterwah Says:

Great post, Kimmy…

Kim Says:

Thanks dan (and when the hell you getting your blog back up and running????)

Well finally they have a plan to cap this thing, but given their track-record so far, I’m not holding out a ton of hope for this. I was in Tampa when that tanker caught fire (I was driving over the Skyway right when it happened, saw the smoke) and the beaches are still washing up tar balls. I think it has effectively ruined the economy of southern LA, MI and AL towns. I have a ton of family there and they are really desperate.

Kim Says:

R & M guy- I feel bad for your family- I love the new ad campaigns urging people to vacation in the gulf coast- I hope it brings people back. As for BP’s “latest” plan…. they’re fucking asshats and I have negative 15 confidence in them.

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