to desire the replica

posted on: April 22nd, 2009

I got nuthin’ today. No amusing antidotes or political rants or comments on the worlds general asshatness. Why? Because I’m officially burned out. I’m frayed at both ends and crispy black like the edges of toast left in just a little too long. I have to gear up for our fiscal year end which is like sticking shards of glass in my eye and blinking repeatedly and I have just completed one huge project that sucked out every ounce of will to live that I possess. I swear to fucking dog that the government (in relation to my position) exists solely to force me to generate ungodly amounts of reports and policies and blah blah blah. My personal favorite being the policy that I have just had to create about policies. I’m not fucking kidding you. My Policy Policy. Stick a fork in me (or a sharp stick or a  handful of cluster bombs) cause I’m done.


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Dusty Says:

Aw..come by and we shall enjoy a couple shots of Goldschlager m’dear!!! It’s just what the dr ordered! ;)

Dusty Says:

Wait..did I say ‘a couple’? Fuck that..we can down the bottle! :lol:

Kim Says:

That’s more like it!!!!

Bon Don Says:

You created a policy for your policies!!?? That’s kind of bad ass…

Well sounds like you need to treat yourself to a ride on Lola Gold have a few beers a smoke and call it a week!

Send Lola my love!

*Auntie Bon Don*

Kim Says:

I think you’re right & I’ll tell Lola that Auntie says hi!!!!

f.B Says:

This spoke to me today. Just in time, too. I had gotten impatient with the universe for not implementing the karmic knife theory, and was about to take matters into my own hands. Breathing more easily now knowing I’m not the only one.

Kim Says:

Karmic knife theory. I gotta get me some of that.

LiLu Says:

“Crispy.” I like that. I thought my trip to SC would cure it, but as soon as my butt sat back down in this office chair, it all came back.


It’s reached that part of the year where it’s effectively “balls hot” where I live, so it doesn’t matter what kind of day it is. I’m always frazzled. And melted. And fuzzy.

Kim Says:

Like a smartie in the sun? Wait- my smarties aren’t fuzzy. Or hardly ever.

Jeannie Says:

Our policy on policies is that we have them. If we don’t have one for an issue that concerns you, please give us 48 hours to develop one.

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