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posted on: September 26th, 2008
Beginings of a little hell

Beginnings of a little hell

I’m a little bit livid right now. I am taking deep breaths and reminding myself that I have only viewed snippets of the Provincial Public Enquiry into The false imprisonment of David Milgaard and the long sad story that followed. It is difficult to read. What has me so fucking mad right now is this;

“Joyce Milgaard was aggressive in her efforts to get information and in the process alienated witnesses and caused problems for her lawyers.” and her focus on proving wrong doing by Justice Officials…. “caused her to spend time pursing leads that were without merit.”

Now correct me if I’m wrong here, but how is her spending her time pursuing leads that were “without merit” even remotely relevant? Who cares how she spends her fucking time? Her job should never have had to be clearing her son and proving such a grand miscarriage of justice in the first place! She was probably annoying as hell and had little to go on other than her fervent belief in her son’s innocence. Mock that naive faith all you want because in the end she was right!

Back in 1980 police were given a solid lead about a possible suspect other than Milgaard, who had been languishing in prison since 1969. They chose not to pursue it despite the fact that pressure was mounting to investigate inconsistencies and procedural omissions with in the case. The alternate suspect that they were tipped to is the one currently in prison having been positively recognized as the killer after DNA testing was done. Larry Fisher, the real killer of Gail Miller, was brought to the attention of the police in 1980 and yet David Milgaard wasn’t released until 1992 because no one bothered to follow up that lead.

The report pisses me off because there were clearly some major fuck ups, (seeing as an innocent boy of 17 spent 23 years in prison I don’t think that anyone can deny that fact) but the 815 page report, released a mere 16 years after Milgaard was freed, seems to downplay those fuckups while highlighting the Milgaards often aggressive tactics over the years to have their son cleared. Case in point;

“Tunnel vision, negligence and misconduct have been alleged, but not shown” “Saskatchewan Justice would have co-operated with Joyce Milgaard in the 1980’s had they been approached properly.”

Perhaps I will feel better about it after digesting the entire report. Perhaps. But right now, I am shaking with rage. It is as though his family is being reprimanded for the extraordinary lengths they went to in attempting to prove the innocence of their loved one after the system that was created to protect him failed miserably.

As The Tragically Hip so eloquently sang in Wheat Kings, a song based partially on the David Milgarrd story;

Twenty years for nothing, well that’s nothing new. Besides, no ones interested in what you didn’t do.”

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