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posted on: March 18th, 2010

Dear Asshole,

You malicious little piece of shit thief. Yes, Suz & Stan’s insurance will cover the cameras, the laptop and the video camera that you broke in and wandered off with yesterday. What they cannot cover, recover, or replace are the pictures of baby Gray- every single one that they’ve taken in the last two years- that were stored in the computer.

You ignorant little fuck.



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Brian Smart Says:

Kim: Please send them my condolences on that - that is totally the shits. I might have mentionned this in another discussion but last September after I got back from a search for a missing hunter some fuck (related to the above fuck) broke into my car and took my i-pod. No comparison to Grey’s pictures, but my kids gave me that and burned all of my old CD’s on it…took them days to do that. Lots of places here I am out and cannot get radio coverage so listening to that i-pod was a blessing. They caught one of two kids who were “car shopping” here in Whitehorse but by that time they had sold my i-pod and it was not in the evidence that they recovered. I indicated I was interested in the resorative justice program and actually met the young man a week or so ago and as part of the agreement he has to get a job and replace the i-pod. According to the young man he was homeless and wanting to sell the i-pod to buy food. He offered, instead of a job to come by my place and “do yard work”. My response was that “I have a teenager that does that and he works for free plus you’ve been on my property one time too many already so…no thanks”.

Hope they catch the bastard and locate the cameras and laptops. Unfortunately it will be likely that they will sell or pawn the stuff and will of course erase everything off the equipment prior to doing that so as not to leave indicators of the prior owners. If they do catch the guy maybe the above program would help - better Suz and Stan get something out of it as opposed to a fine that goes to the government and jail time that just fills up the guys address book with other assholes.

Kim Says:

Uhg! I hate this shit. Thankfully though I’m an obnoxious godmother and have electronically saved every pic they’ve ever sent me and all that I’ve ever taken- it isn’t all of them- their family time at home, vacations, etc, but it replaces a good chunk at least.

Kami Says:

So, I’m off to back up all my photos. right…now.

Jeannie Says:

but they sent you a few at`least I hope?

I hate petty thieves. Druggies.

Kim Says:

Thankfully I had a ton saved!!!

Karen Moore Says:

I haven’t had my precious photos stolen but have suffered at the hands of the little pricks that felt they could come into my back yard whenever they felt like it and take whatever they wanted. Items that were given to me when my mother died. I was heart broken when I noticed these items missing and we now have padlocks on our gates. How pathetic is that. How I wish I could get my hands on these little fuckers…..

Kim Says:

The above comment brought to you by my supposed “mild mannered” receptionist. Do I know how to pick ‘em or what??!!

Dan Says:

They used to shoot horse-thieves.

I don’t know why they stopped, or why they didn’t carry that over into other forms of theft.

kim Says:

And then there’s that whole “drawn & quartered” thing that I support as well……

Dave Says:

I’m really surprised to support Brian’s left-wing conservative thing. I don’t know what that means.

Hope your sis gets her pics back.

Brian Smart Says:

Dave: Thanks. I think being half Irish and half Scottish means I am forever doomed, no matter what the subject matter, to being conflicted. The other people in the meeting with me allowed the young man to fulfill his bargain with them with 15 hours of community service work. I thought that was a good thing but I have heard his story before and while some are true more often than not somebody sits there and tells a bold-faced lie to me. I am too old and have been doing this job too long to buy all that bullshit lock, stock, and barrel. I figured if he had to work to right his wrong then he might learn something. I got mad a teacher of mine once and went by his house once on halloween and pulled his mailbox, metal post and all, right out of the fucking ground with a chain and my truck and put it in his parking spot at the school. Long story short I got caught and his only remark was that he’d see me “on Saturday, bring a lunch, I’ll supply the tools”. He and I laugh about that to this day and I learned a lot from that experience. Mailbox is still there too.

Kami Says:

umm, I nominated you for a potentially lame award called a Sunshine Award cause this sucks and I feel awful for you guys and also cause you are rad. check it out at my blog if you have a sec…

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