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posted on: November 26th, 2009

It’s no secret that I follow Matt Good’s blog or that I adore his music and take weird stalkerish pictures of him in his front yard. I read this post on his site about an hour ago and am still shaking my head at the fuckery of it.

Back when I lived in Vancouver and later when I lived in Toronto for a few years I was a bit of a concert junkie and have seen literally hundreds of terrific live acts in all shapes and sizes. I am not a particularly star struck person or groupie type but have often, whether through friends or work, had the opportunity to meet or chat or sit down for a beer with many different singers/bands/performers. It’s just kind of one of those things… Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. I for paid my ticket and I saw the concert, anything over and above that is just a happy chance.

I have seen Matt Good perform live about a half a dozen times and have always thoroughly enjoyed myself. The fact that he sits on his tour bus after nearly every show and shakes hands, signs merch and poses for photos has always amazed me as he has a rather unlucky knack for catching every bug or flu that happens to be currently making the rounds. Given the fact that my ticket price didn’t include a “meet & greet” I sure as shit don’t feel as though I have the right as a fan to demand one. It’s not just the situation of fans being pissed at Matt for not signing stuff after the show because it’s everywhere. It’s the chick ahead of you at a buffet that just piled 12lbs of prawns onto her plate because godforfuckingbid she not “get her share.“  and it’s the guy that demands a million free extras added to his service because he is after all a “Goddamn paying customer!” Where the fuck does this over inflated sense of entitlement come from?

If a bartender promos you a round of drinks just for the hell of it are you the type of person who is pleasantly surprised and says thank you? Or are you the type that if he doesn’t slide you a freebie you somehow feel ripped off??? I’m confused as to when this whole thought process of it being your right to demand more than you paid for became so socially acceptable. I honestly just don’t fucking get it. How much is enough? And honestly, how fucking exhausting must it be to be one of those people that spend their day making sure they get what they (haven’t) paid for?

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Brian Smart Says:

Too bad Matt’s not ADHD like me so that he’s unable to pay attention to fuckheads like that. It’s one of the upsides of having that condition; “I’m sorry what were you saying? Something about me being an asshole or was it you that was being an asshole? Hey is that a bird out the window? Sorry what were we talkin about again? Hey where are you going!?”

Anie Says:

the entry made me shake my head as well. The whole mentality about being owed something just because blows my mind.
I am also tired about the bipolar shit, I have bi-polar disorder, and seriously, not everything we do is because we are crazy, or that is the reason behind our actions, or an excuse, or anything. Getting called crazy is exhausting too.

Brian Smart Says:

…and I agree it was indeed “fuckery” which between “Dear Asshole” and that I just can’t decide which is your greatest invention.

On a serious note I wonder why Matt keeps putting himself in harms way. What’s that line from one of his songs”

“Give them blood and they’ll love you for it”

Jeannie Says:

I’ve also seen Matt perform numerous times and the show was always well worth the price of admission. Never expected anything more even though I was aware of his hospitality following a concert. Given that others might EXPECT that hospitality because of his rep, it might have been prudent to sign up some cd covers and have one of the roadies hand them out with apologies for Matt’s immune system. I realize that would be added expense and a great bother but the sudden shut door policy would be a huge disappointment to many of the entitled sort and would at least have been a gesture of good will. Still, I have to wonder how great these fans of his are to be so angry when he’s been stating his position on his website for weeks. How could they not know?

Kim Says:

Jeannie- That’s the thing… he IS pre-signing merch to have available at the table for fans and they’re still pissed!

Brian Smart Says:

Kim: It’s actually kind of how it is for me. Before I was diagnosed I thought that ADHD meant that you could not pay attention to anything when in fact you pay attention to EVERYTHING. The first time we drove up the Dempster Highway into the Arctic my wife had to take the wheel because I kept driving off the road because I was paying attention to too much and not focusing on the winding road.

What really pisses me off about the Matt thing as you pointed out was that I can’t think of another artist who makes himself more available to the people who appreciate his music…but you give some folks a rope and they gotta be a cowboy right! The whole “Thanks…but give me more” attitude.

Kim Says:

Yeah- it’s ridiculous. Apparently we are entitle to EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME!
And I know what you mean about ADHD and the misconception. “Not paying attention” does not mean not aware and constantly distracted by it all.

a name Says:

I saw Matt Good play ONCE, in 2003. I’m incredibly thankful that I got even that one experience. Cake, icing, et c.

Phaedra Says:

some people are so lame. my guess these types also take no personal responsibility for anything, have an iq of a rock, and still live at home with their folks. And they are in the 35 and older bracket.

LiLu Says:


God, it used to piss me the HELL off when people demanded free drinks. Or even worse, they’d take a sip and then tell me to “make it stronger”. Um, how bout you give me a freaking REASON to steal from my place of employment, like a good tip… and then let ME decide whether or not I want to put my job on the line to pour you a double for free? Or, better yet, how bout you just get the hell out. Because we don’t serve freeloaders here.


Kami Says:

People can be such assholes. Anything for a buck, right?

All i can say is, “thank fucking god matt posted something we can all sit around and bitch about, make ourselves feel superior en masse”. Cause failing that, what the fuck would there be to break the 9to5toTV tedium and spice our pointless existence. And what the fuck is that smell, someone die in here or what? Is your life that fucking interesting your blog is low priority, or are you becoming catastrophically fucking boring. I do hope life is just that fucking exciting, otherwise i would have to tell you to poke yourself in the eye and repeat after me, “what the fuck”.

As my life seemed dreary lately, this is what i did last week: Read the bible. While reading, replace every occurrence of ‘god’ with ‘blood drinking vampire creature’; makes a whole different story. For example, when they describe the ‘winged creatures’ on the ark of the covenant, kinda makes them seem gargoyle-like. Also explains all that symbolic wine drinking communion shit.

Cheers, have a good evening.

Kim Says:

“Feeling superior en masse” was not exactly the feeling I was going for. I think you missed the mark a bit on that one.

Brian Smart Says:

JoeyJumpstick: You’re one of those guys that stands in the Express Lane at the grocery store and counts other people’s groceries to make sure they don’t have more than 8 items…before you realize you’ve got 10 yourself aren’t you?

Kim Says:

I’m pretty sure I wrote a Dear Asshole about that exact scenario!!!!

shine Says:

I’m in complete and total agreement here. Freebies and extras are just that. And it’s cool if you get ‘em, but you haven’t lost anything if you don’t. You have absolutely no logical reason to be pissed off about it.

However, AT&T is charging a $13 “self-installation fee” for a wireless modem for their internet service. That’s um, $13 to like install it MYSELF. That one puzzles me. But I guess it’s better than the $200 they charge to install it for you.

Kim Says:

Shine- ok yeah- that’s a little bit fucked up! But if you get a friend to install it, do they charge them instead?????

Well, you got me there, I AM a counter; but as I’m never in much of a rush, I really don’t care who’s bunched up in which retail line with what,,, unless they’ve pushed some little old lady out of the way - then I give them a big smile and ‘thumbs up’ — fuck I hate that generation for what they’ve done! Mostly I just like to pay attention to my surroundings and study some human nature. I’m sure that makes me some sort of asshole…but

Perhaps I read a different matt blog? I understood him to convey that ‘it is unfortunate our society is the state it’s in’. If not contained/trained within such a fear driven system, people might not behave like animals being herded. If we didn’t have to hear about the swine flu and recession every fucking 10 minutes, we wouldn’t be so apt to clutch to things like autographed albums (or sit around bitching about stuff that we make no effort to understand nor change). Religions, sports teams, and music groups wouldn’t have such defined/devout followings if they weren’t conditioned to be so fucking scared of the universe falling on their heads. People should come for the music, not for the show; I didn’t get that he was blaming the people for anything, just disappointed in society.

Kim Says:

Perhaps you read a different repliderium blog. I was blaming people.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to blog matts blog on your blog, oops.

Hey, what you wrote was great too. I didn’t read it through to the end, but I certainly enjoyed it.

Mike Mikes Says:

Really? This is where the public stand? I’m not a Matt Good fan or hater, and obviously there has to be a line drawn, but give me a break. Audiences wait in line for hours for tickets, hours for the show, pay money for the works of it, and are content to sit hundreds of feet from the artist, listen to the music on the PA, watch the artist on the big-screen and love it. The show finishes, and the fans wait hours again, hoping for an autograph.
There will be some fans that want it for eBay, there will be some who want it for a collection, and there will be some who want it because it’s “owed” to them. The majority want a chance to see the artist as a human, as someone just like them, maybe get their stuff signed, maybe say they appreciate the music. The signing-period after the show should never be required, but is it too much to ask that every now and then the artist shows some extra-appreciation for the fans. Is that such a terrible idea?

Kim Says:

Mike- You’re missing 2 VERY large points…
#1- “but is it too much to ask that every now and then the artist shows some extra-appreciation for the fans. Is that such a terrible idea?”
He does it all the fucking time. If he can’t for medical reasons for a few shows, he’s now a terrible artist???? Wow. I think that’s short sighted.
#2-If you wait in line, if you buy the cd, if you will buy stuff- that’s YOUR CHOICE. You opted to do so, so why does that mean that he owes you something over & above what you bought?
I’m not trying to be an ass- I just don’t understand why the feeling of being “owed” exists.
I am glad you stopped by- I don’t care if you agree with me or not, but I will always appreciate a well constructed comment.

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