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posted on: February 25th, 2009

The last few weeks have been beautiful. The air is starting to smell sweeter, almost spring like. Okay, not exactly spring, but when I walk Maggi before work at fuck-off-o’clock I often skip the gloves or scarf or just wear a sweatshirt, sans jacket. The only reason that I’ve been wearing boots is to keep my feet dry from the deep clear puddles scattered through out my neighborhood. It’s the kind of weather that makes you want to whistle. It’s the kind of weather that makes you happy, and reminds you that spring is in fact on it’s way over to kiss your cheek with sunlight.

This video was taken 10 minuets ago. It isn’t grainy, that’s the asshole wind blowing copious amounts of snow.

Mother Nature is a fucking bitch. Try and tell me otherwise, I dare you.

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You dare me?? Okay, I’ll bite :)
Mother nature is NOT a bitch, she is no more than a metronome, marching forward with time trying to keep the beat. Had MAN not fucked up the earth with the whole sinking/obliteration of/at atlantis, we would still be in a lush green warm moist loving environment. If you look at historical records, in whichever form you might find them (dead sea scrolls, hieroglyphs, bible books, dino fossils, etc), you will see that it didn’t used to be like this. It is also clear that things changed both drastically and quickly, wiping many creatures from the face of the earth. Since mother nature works slow and methodically, making changes only as necessary, she cannot be to blame; definitely the hand of man. So, run your little ass back outside and yell ‘fuck mankind’ into the wind, and leave mother nature alone.

Dusty Says:

M’ IS still winter ya know. ;)

I live in Cali for a reason…it never gets that cold here. Sure, the mt’s between me and Hell-A get snow, but I don’t stop, I drive 80 straight over those damn mts.

Jeannie Says:

People here get all “so do you think this is it then?” whenever there’s a little thaw at this time of year. I tend to look at them like they’re daft and say a blunt NO. We still get snow in April and even May sometimes. I had to feel for one couple I met who have only been in Canada for a few months from Italy because they simply couldn’t know any better but the folk who have lived here as long as I have? please.

It is supposed to be 50 here today, so I step outside to walk the dog wearing a skirt (I’m wearing the skirt, not the dog) and I’m welcomed by an all out blizzard. Thanks, mother nature.

I always say I miss the snow. I think what I mean is that I miss the IDEA of snow. I can do without shoveling walks, sliding all over the road, having my nostrils freeze when I walk out the door, etc.

Matt Says:

We should get Mother Nature Hater T-shirts.

Kim Says:

YES! We should! (Course, we’d probably get stoned to death during our first foray in public with them on!)

HA you were teased. It’s been soooooo hot here in Cabo…I’ve got to go, the pool is calling!

Kim Says:

@Desert Rat-

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