to desire the replica

posted on: January 30th, 2009

Sooooo….. apparently the 2010 Olympics are on budget. I would like to know whose budget it is that they’re speaking of. Let us keep in mind that security cost (estimated to be in the millions) are not included in the a fore mentioned budget. Maybe they had the “public” budget and then the “secret let’s not tell them how bad they’re gonna get screwed” budget. Or….. maybe they had just smoked a big bowl before releasing this info?

On budget my ass. On crack is more like it.

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I’m just gonna cover my ears and just enjoy the hockey. Well, maybe I should cover my ears whilst enjoying the hockey. Something tells me the American team *might* get booed. *giggles*

Bon Don Says:

Wow. You’re right, crack is more like it! They are smoking crack.

OH repliderium - I heart you!

suz Says:

The Olympics are rediculous. Although it pushed them to build a few houses for the homeless (so they don’t look like such pricks when the entire world is watching.) Makes my blood boil.

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