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posted on: July 27th, 2009

My dog Maggi is sick today. I’ve been up with her since 4:30 am and now I’m at work. Fretting. She’ll be fine, it’s happened before and will happen again–she’s covertly eaten some nasty “alley surprise”–and now her stomach is all blown up like a balloon and she has that “Mom, please help me I’m dying” look on her wee little face. Steve is at home with her, but I will still fret. All day. I might even leave early.

Can you imagine if I had children? I would be the mother that puts her kid in a bubble by choice, rather than for disease protecting necessity. In fact, even though Susin is probably rolling her eyes so violently right now that they may pierce the back of her skull, I’d like to order this little man a bubble. I really would. It would have cool fun shit in it (with rounded soft corners) but it would be a bubble nonetheless.

If I had kids they would have to learn karate or something because otherwise, my kids would definitely get the shit kicked out of them.

Well, as much as the bubble would allow.

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f.B Says:

Hope Maggi feels better.

But is it bad that I kinda want a bubble, too? Even though I’m perfectly fine? I just wanna roll places because I’m lazy.

Haha I am the same way! On the odd occasion I’d have to leave my cat at the vet for the day, I’d spend the whole day at work distracted and upset because I was thinking, “What if she thinks I’ve abandoned her? What if she’s scared! What if she’s upset?” and I’d get there to pick her up to find her all curled up asleep in a nice little air conditioned kennel quite happy, whereas I’d been stressing my ass off all day long. :)

Kim Says:

veg- Yup- that’s me too. Total stress case/freak!
f.B- I like your style! ;)

Wishing the Magster a speedy recovery. (I know that feeling of ingesting something I really shouldn’t have.)

Kim Says:

Uhg! Don’t we all! ( Love that you called her Magster!!!)

Jeannie Says:

Kids are only like pets until they can talk and tell you what’s wrong. It’s that not knowing feeling that kills you. Thing is, if your kid was in the hospital, you’d likely take the day off to be with them too.

Kim Says:

You’re totally right!!!! (though I still may leave early)

Karen Moore Says:

We had to leave Dom at the vet on Sat and I get to pick him up today. As much as he pisses me I miss the little bugger. Maggie probably just needs a big fart to get things moving….Leanne and on occasion myself could help her with that.

Kim Says:

I know but stop using my fucking office!!!!

Dave Says:

In my experience kids don’t eat dead things out of alleys either. Our dog Mac once ate a rotten trout he found by the creek camping. That was a treat. Managed to get the whole thing pretty well down. He slept outside. Kids, they don’t do that. :)

Kim Says:

Dave- “Kids, they don’t do that.”
HA! you didn’t know my brothers as kids…

Kim Says:

The little magalicious is once again 100% and looking for more rotten shit to eat in the alley.

Kami Says:

Girl, you’ll be surprised how having kids might temper that brand of OCD. I felt the same way and then watched my babies eat sand. Out of a sandbox likely riddled with stray cat urine. And rat shit. In Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Yum, right? Ok, you can hand over the Worst Mom in the World pennant now. Or the most punk rock.

Kim Says:

Defiantly most punk rock!

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