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posted on: November 17th, 2009

While walking my lovely rovers yesterday I came upon this house a few blocks from my own. I know it isn’t the greatest picture in the world but take a good long look at it.

It isn’t the fact that it’s November 17th and the Halloween shit is still all over the windows, door and front lawn. No, it isn’t that. That bugs me a little, but nothing really photo worthy. It IS however the fact that it is November 17th and the Halloween shit is still all over the windows, door and front lawn AND their rather large and fully decorated Christmas tree is in the front fucking window peeking out from behind the creepy drapes.


Yes- I know it would have been a better shot had they put the tree lights on. No such luck, and really, I could only stalk the front yard for so long until someone called the cops the dogs got bored.

Oddly enough, right down from that little mind numbing decorating sense was this. I love the way the Christmas lights twinkle off the plastic Halloween ghosts in the tree.

What the fuck and how…..??? You know what?, forget it. I don’t even know what to say. There’s a pain behind my left eye right now.

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*shakes head* Holiday merge. It was bound to happen. The ad people have been doing it for years.

Phaedra Says:

good thing about holidays merge is we get cadbury mini and easter cream eggs all year round!

oh, hai!

Ree Says:

Trapped in a time warp again.

Kim Says:

Well hello Phaedra! How the hell are you girl??? You back in the motherland???

Phaedra Says:

morning Kim! I am back in the ‘Couv, and started blogging again. Note the new blog url. Missed you and am glad to be back :)

Kim Says:

I’ll head on over shortly- Welcome back!

Jeannie Says:

Maybe they should also hang out some red hearts for Valentine’s, some eggs and bunnies for Easter, a flag for July 1st, a giant poppy for Remembrance, a turkey and some gourds for Thanksgiving and just leave the crap up all year.

Kim Says:

Think of all the time they would save!

Brian Smart Says:

Well if these folks can have Halloween and Christmas at the same time then I’m going to start St. Patrick Day celebrations tonight and carry on through to March.

Kim Says:


Karen Moore Says:

You have to keep stalking until you get a pic with the lights on, my Xmas avocado is waiting in anticipation for this splendid event. Glorious hallelujah to all!

Hannah Says:

These people need to move their lazy butts and take the stuff from last month down!
Very tacky!

This gives me an idea about how to decorate my tree this year ;-)

Stever Says:

I’m with Phaedra on the easter cream eggs all year round. Holiday merge…w00t!

TK Says:

Let the humbuggery begin. Thanksgiving is less than a week away and I’ve already cursed the Pilgrims (sorry all, I live in the US) about a dozen times. I’ll take the days off work, but do I really have to waste one of them sitting around a table with a bunch of crazy family members? Apparently, the answer is still, woefully, yes.

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