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posted on: April 29th, 2009

While the deadly flu itself isn’t amusing, I find the controversy surrounding it to be. Of all the things we could be concerning ourselves with, the name is getting some rather surprising priority. Swine flu, which has killed well over 150 people in Mexico, 23 month old toddler in the US and is popping up globally, was originally called the H1N1 Virus which I guess wasn’t quite flashy enough for the media. Israel finds offense to the name because Judaism and Islam both consider pigs to be “tainted” (which makes me wonder why they aren’t then celebrating the negative reference) and pork processing nations are offended because despite no evidence of transfer by eating or handling pork, their industry is now suffering a massive decline. Is anyone so misinformed that they believe a juicy pulled pork sandwich will get them sick? When Paris Hilton was asked if she was worried as it was killing so many people in Mexico her reply was “No. I don’t eat that.” So, uhm, yeah, I guess the decline can be contributed in part to vapid  peroxide blonds????

Some are requesting it go by Mexican Flu or North American Flu. Why not take the blame game one step further? Let’s hunt down the first person who died from it and name it after them, because clearly this current pandemic is their fault. The Adela Virus? Nice ring huh?

Besides the ridiculousness of this name controversy, I personally keep going back to one thought. With all of our technology, with all of our super convenient, top of the line lifestyles, can you imagine if it’s a flu that shakes the shit out of us and culls the herd? I think AIDS should have, but because it was labeled a gay disease right out of the gate, too many people still have the “doesn’t apply to me” attitude. If we change it to Mexican flu will the same thing happen? There will be small colonies of people living scattered around the globe, struggling to survive in this new dark age with nothing but their own skills and they’ll be sitting around a camp fire muttering “Fucking Mexicans. Thank god I’m not one.”

Even in the face of a WHO level 4 pandemic, we’re still busy making sure we know who to blame. Makes one think that we just might deserve this.

**Update- Looks like we’re level 5 now gang!

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LiLu Says:

I want a pet pig.

That is all.

JustJP Says:

What ever happen to cool viruses Like Hanta and Ebola? Those break out near the border, then there will be some real fun. Poor piggys!

Dusty Says:

Good points Kim. I am sick of the media hype on this.

For Christ’s sake there is nothing yet to show this will kill healthy individuals that seek medical attention if they take a turn for the worse.

The typical this one..will be felt the hardest on young children and the elderly..or those with respiratory problems, like myself.

Even country’s are killing their swine fucking dumb can elected officials get?

This media-hyped hysteria pisses me the fuck off..big time.

Desert Rat Says:

I think it should be called the Jose virus because you know it wasn’t sweet Adela it was Jose or Juan could have been Adela’s cousin Maria.

I’m waiting for Michael Moore to make a documentary about how it’s a big controversy scare, the government started this! (I do so secretly love him.)

Really it just makes me want to eat carnitas (pulled pork - SO GOOD, I’m sorry for the middle easterners who don’t just know) even more.

I’m going to the Dr.’s today for my cold and I’m afraid they are going to tell me it’s Swine when I know it’s not…if they do, I’m going to tell them “NO IT’S NOT!” ;-)

Dusty Says:

Bon Don Says:

So you’re telling me I threw out my Chef Piggy cookie jar FOR NOTHING!!!

Kim Says:

Thanks for the link dusty- I loves me some Stewart!

Stever Says:

Check this search on twitter

lots of people saying the reason there are so many deaths in Mexico is because it’s Mexico. To an extent they have a valid point in regards to differences in health care facilities, but still, reeks of a lil racism/nationalism/xenophobia too.

Always blame it on the “other”.

It’s Canadian officials that are trying to push the “North American Flu” name. Seems they at least notice the potential problems of singling out a single nation.

But still, it’s swine flu, that’s its name and has been it’s name for decades. It was swine flu that killed 20 million people in 1918.

But yeah, lets rename the shit. I recommend “Rose Colored Glasses Flu”.

f.B Says:

I have been trying to ignore the coverage on this, but I just can’t. It’s everywhere.

This post, however? On the good side of brilliant. (Is there a bad side of brilliant? No. Hmm. I digress.)

The point. This has taught me a valuable lesson. From now on, I will get my news from you. I am serious.

Kim Says:

fb- Then I am soooo getting my own channel! I will copy your comment for them when they’re surprised that I storm the station demanding a good time slot.
“SEE!” I will say. “SEE DAMMIT!!!!”

[...] New York has the measles, not swine flu (or H1N1, or Mexican Flu, or North American Flu, or whatever you prefer to call it) but the measles. Each one of those red dots is, supposedly, a locksmith shop. Yeah [...]

Jay Says:

People will always find something to be absurd about.

What? Captain Tripps is coming for us? Oh, well.

Public health officials have been preparing for a flu pandemic for the better part of a decade, at least– but now when it’s called swine flu instead of influenza, it gets a million times more media coverage. Not that I expected anything different… But there have got to be a ton of people out there thinking, “We told you so!”

ReUnpack Says:

What happend with the “Swine Flu”? Ever since the Santa Barbara fire broke out, the local news stopped reporting updates about the swine flu. I call FAKE! Talking about 150-200 people died? 36000 people die from the regular flu every year (in the U.S. alone).

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TW Says:

The adjuvant called squalene along with 25,0000 times the acceptable human level of mercury is in this vaccine. These adjuvants were used in the anthrax vaccine during the gulf war and is a strong suspect for causing the gulf war syndrome. It was also used in the late 90’s in the forced anthrax vaccine for the military and caused deaths in the military as well as other illnesses described in your dissertation. I would not take this vaccine for love or money!
Here is the link below to the only qualified person who is saying you should stay clear of this vaccine. You can bet that some one is getting rich off this swine flu scare. The fact that Obama lied on 10/24 on national TV about 1000 deaths from swine flu really makes you wonder. Even if it was true, which it is not, 1000 people a day die in hospitals from medical mistakes in this country.

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