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posted on: November 12th, 2010

My father comes from a family of ten. They are all fucking batshit crazy and I love every one of them. My Uncle Tim (mid 60’s) is currently in the hospital dying of leukemia and waiting a bone marrow transplant. Given my Uncle’s history and the speed of diagnosis, I have to admit that I am shocked that it isn’t liver/booze related. The saddest thing about it is that of his nine other siblings, only TWO can be tested as possible donors. My father and one of my aunts. No one else is eligible as they have already had one form or another of cancer. It seems to touch our family but never actually go in for the kill. This could be the time.

Ten kids from a crazy hippy pot smoking, booze guzzling family. Somehow it still seems weird that one of them might actually die. A couple of months ago my mother’s brother died (the first of six) So I guess it has begun. I knew it was coming, I just never actually believed it.


(That was the sound of my bubble bursting.)

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suz Says:

That’s awful. Sorry baby…):

Dusty Says:

Aw chica, my heart breaks for you and your crazy family. Cyber hugs to you and your uncle.

Jeannie Says:

Sorry - the beginning to the end of an era. I find that it’s much harder to say goodbye to characters than many who have lived the way society expects.

A big sad face. :( I hope someone is a match for your uncle. Sigh. No sarcasm today.

Brian Smart Says:

There’s no logic or fairness to it. It’s like the people you want to stay around the longest get snatched away from you before you’ve had adequate time together and the other ones, that you’d wish were abducted by aliens or were otherwise forever removed from your sight seem to stick around forever. Not sure why that is but it might be why my resume to Hallmark never gets a call-back.. .I thought my idea for a card “Angels die young…but assholes live forever”…was catchy but I guess they don’t think so.

Just tell your uncle you love him…it’s simple but it’s really everything.

Sorry you are having a shitty time with this.


Danno Says:

I too am sorry to read about this. My family’s kinda starting to get up there too and so far the denial is working fairly well.

Thinking of you.


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