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posted on: January 28th, 2010

Last night as I was making the greatest homemade clam chowder in the history of man, I was semi blinded by the sight of the Olympic torch passing by one block over and clearly visible from my kitchen widow. There were a lot of lights, some guy screeching into a loud speaker, and several parade like floats in front of and behind the runner. Let me just tell you how much the whole fucking spectacle pissed me off.

A lot.

Let’s just put it into context, shall we? The Olympics will cost us approximately 6 BILLION DOLLARS. Not millions, I said BILLIONS. Using the common short scale as we do in North America 1 billion dollars equates to a thousand millions. Do the math people- this little event is going to cost the Province of BC over 6 THOUSAND STACKS OF A MILLION DOLLARS.

Don’t get me wrong, I have great respect for (most) athletes and have no problem with global events to highlight them and their abilities. The Olympics as they are however are no longer financially viable. A new system needs to be created and it needs to be one that is financially responsible. Can you imagine if the money pissed away spent on the last decade of Olympic games were used instead to fight global hunger and homelessness? Hell, we could even chuck a couple of billion at disease research for things like AIDS, cancer, addiction, etc because we’d sure as shit have the funds.

Throwing a 2 week carnival style party every couple of years is a higher priority than making sure every person on this planet has food, water, and shelter. I’m not talking about using that money to buy us all fucking Hummers and flashy gold watches, I’m talking about FOOD, WATER, AND A FUCKING ROOF OVER YOUR HEAD. We are saying as a species that the Olympics are more important than that. More important than homeless children, more important that bellies swollen from hunger, and more important than the man wasting away from cancer as his family watches. The argument of “it’s too expensive to fix the problems of our poor” is simply not fucking valid when you look at that 6 billion dollars we’re willing and eager to spend on a sporting event.

We humans are one sick and twisted fucking people.

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Karen Moore Says:

Well…..I guess that’s one way of looking at it.

Squish Says:

I don’t remember how I found your blog - maybe through lilu(?)…or jamie(?)…i dunno - but I wanted to say that it is my new favorite blog: because of blogs like this. Your thoughts are thought-provoking and that makes me happy.

Kim Says:

Why thank you! (she says while bowing semi-gracefully) Glad to have you aboard!

Jeannie Says:

I have always thought the Olympics were an incredible waste of money. Not to mention that they are ridiculous - because these world-class athletes are only those who have had the incredible opportunity to obsess about their sport in the first place. How many - because they don’t even have food or decent shelter - might rank among them given the same advantages. The best skier in the world may have never seen snow.

Kim Says:

Exactly! And yet some how our society has made this a financial priority over and above all else!

Brian Smart Says:

son: Dad why don’t you like the Olympics?
me: Well it’s an almost unbelievable amount of money that’s spent on games, meanwhile there are people in the province of BC, not to mention the rest of Canada, that live below the poverty line, kids that don’t get enough to eat, communities without proper healthcare, etc, etc. I just think it’s a big waste”. It would be like me not feeding you or clothing you but then taking all that money, that we use to provide those things and throwing a big weekend party with food and buying a lot of beer despite the fact you and your sisiters were going hungry”.

son: That’s stupid. You’re not going to do that are you?

me: No. Well maybe the beer part.

Kim Says:

PERFECT analogy Brian!

Thank you! There are way, WAY cheaper ways to have athletes compete too - most of that money is spent on pomp and circumstance and upgrading the immediate area the games take place. It’s mostly unnecessary. That is an OBSCENE amount of money to spend on entertainment.

Hmmm, I wonder who pays for that…

Kim Says:

I’ll tell ya….

Dave Says:

I don’t know why all you BC people are so mad.

Dave Says:

Hey wait a minute. I’m moving to the coast next year.
WTF is up with this Olympics?

Kim Says:

Get out your checkbook Dave!

I love you. I understand that there is something to be said for the Olympics and countries coming together in the spirit of blah blah blah but 6 billion dollars…my god.

Kim Says:

I know- it’s so ridiculously outrageous that one could ALMOST think it was a joke. I mean, except when the bill comes.

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