to desire the replica

posted on: April 24th, 2009

This could almost be a dear asshole post except that it’s directed to multiple people rather than one specific instance. Considering my last two posts and my generally shitty attitude right now, it should come as no surprise really.

I am having a most frustrating week because I am burned out and that teeny tiny almost immeasurable bit of patience that I possess has said fuck you and exited stage left. I want to kick shit and break things. I want to strangle people.

I hate lazy. I hate people who play the victim to try and get their way. It sickens me and makes me want to leave a hot red hand print right across your face that is screwed up in fake pain. I hate people who make endless excuses and people that don’t pull their weight. I hate whiners.

I want to put my fist through something hard and sharp, just to hear it break.

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Karen Moore Says:

Considering I work directly in front of you, should I be a little afraid? You’re not going to throw your stapler at me again are you?

Kim Says:

I promise that I won’t throw my stapler at you but if you hear me start to growl, just shut my office door, or throw in a slab of raw meat or something.

Karen Moore Says:

Thanks for the heads up!

f.B Says:

How I wish I could bring you that booze you wanted… Hell, how I wish someone would bring ME that booze you wanted…

Kim Says:

You & Me both sugar!

Desert Rat Says:

Vodka - they’ll never know.

Lazy and whiners go hand in hand and they always have an excuse of whhhhyyyy they caaaaannnnn’t do itttt. Trip them as they walk by! There’s less proof of doing it on purpose than a bitch slap. Just don’t hurt your colorful hand! ;-)

Time to get the heck out of Dodge. Why not take a little vacay?

Kim Says:

I have a little visit out to K-town to see my best friend & her (my) baby in May and then a week off in June which I will spend loafing on the beach here with my dog. I just have to suck it up til then and try really REALLY hard to not kill anyone (unfortunately I’m an OCD freak that is far too organized and efficient to fuck the dog too much at work.) DAMN WORK ETHIC!!!

Kim Says:

It’s Friday and there will be fat steaks and a bottle of wine that is bigger than your average toddler so I think I can make it through another week.

LiLu Says:

*Pours a shot of tequila*

To the assholes, love. May we all get to punch JUST ONE in their face during our lives.

*Toasts, drinks.*

Kim Says:

I’ll definitely drink to that.

i think you require some vodka. it usually helps. or you know, tequila if you really want to hit something.

Brian Smart Says:

Hey the steak thing sounds like an idea…I have a big bottle of merlot at home and an immense bison steak that one of the Conservation Officers gave me that Freddy fuckin’ Flintstone couldn’t choke down. I can feel my arteries hardening even now…

Kim Says:

Call me crazy but booze and meat always make me feel better. (can you believe I was a vegetarian for 5 years?)

Bon Don Says:

Steaks are heaven on earth, just had one and I’m still buzzed from it… I hope yours tastes just as good as mine did. Have a good weekend, and wine is def. the way to go!

Brian Smart Says:

Will you guys stop it! I’m still at work and at least an hour away from the wine and 2 hours from my steak! AAARRRGGGHHH!

Kim Says:

Sorry sugar pie- I am a mere 15 minutes away from mine (at least the wine part)!!!!!!

Julie Says:

It’s Friday! That means you have two whole days in which to focus and hone your rage, the better to unleash it with renewed fury on Monday morning.

I hope by the time you read this that your day has cheered up a bit!

JayJo Says:




I’m there now. Watching you put your fist through the window.

Phaedra Says:

Hugs to you lady. There is a bottle of Chianti and a spare glass on my table if you feel the need to ‘get away’ from it all. And it’s 27 degrees here right now. Italy makes all your worries and anger towards fuckos go away ;)

Kim Says:

I will admit that I feel slightly less homicidal today. It could have something to do with it being Saturday or it could also be the slight hang over that I have.
Wine and steak cures most anything.

suz Says:

Fuck! It isn’t even Mayhem yet, tho it really is isn’t it?

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