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posted on: December 6th, 2010

Considering all the crazy antics and stories of my father and his 9 siblings it really should be shocking that they all made it to adulthood rather than us all being socked that one of the ten have died. And yet we are. I will fly out on Friday to be with my enormous crazy clan for the wake where we will have long loud cheers and toasts amid sobs.

My favorite Uncle Tim story has him in an “altered state” (wink wink) while doing some work on the eaves troughs. So impressed was he with his handy work that he took a few steps back to admire the completed job. While taking those steps back it had completely slipped his mind that he was on a ladder, 2 stories up. It was good for a laugh and like every other mishap (the axe and the bonfire comes to mind) he was fine.

Until this time when he wasn’t.

RIP Patrick Timothy Holden. I will hope that they have beer there.


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:( Sorry about your uncle, Kimmie. At least the guy sounds awesome and that he’ll be missed heartily. Safe trip, man! Many condolences.

Kim Says:

Thanks Veg.
I can certainly say that my family knows how to live!

Sister from another Mister Says:

So many crazy and completely unbelievable (yet completely true) stories!! I loved that about Uncle Tim. When I was young, I believed everything he said, as a teenager, I became cynical and didn’t believe any of it and as an adult I came to realize the stories were true! They were told to us by a true storyteller (complete with sound effects and actions). RIP Uncle Tim…I await my time to see you again and hear the stories all over again!

Kim Says:

Most people wouldn’t believe half of our stories growing up…. that’s what makes them special!

Julie Says:

I’m sorry you’ve lost him. As my sister said when my grandmother died, “Mortality sucks.”

Brian Smart Says:

Now there’s carpenter I could get along with (I once rigged up some impromptu scaffolding with some boards between two ladders which worked great until I cut one of the boards in half with a skill saw while trimming some facia). My condolences; it sounds like a celebration of life with you and your family though, as opposed to a funeral (forgive me for getting all Hallmark there for a minute).


Kim Says:

Thanks for all the lovey words gang- and yes Brian- we definitely celebrate life! We excel at wakes!

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