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posted on: January 10th, 2011

I’m watching CNN and puking a little in my mouth right now.

The Congresswoman has been shot! Is the Right to blame? Was he just a radical individual? Wow! The nine year old who died was born on Sept 11, 2001. Does that mean anything?


The one that gets me most right now is the discussion going on about whether the rhetoric running rampant in politics these days will change because of this. Will politicians get their shit together and start working rather than trying desperately to stab each other in the eye? And most importantly, will we as a society force the politicians and the media to discourage this bullshit in the future? basically- Is there a lesson to be learned by this tragedy?

Yes there is.

Will we learn from it though?

Uh….. History pretty clearly tells us that NO, WE WILL NOT.

We’ve lived through a million such “tragic lessons” and haven’t yet learned a fucking thing.

Don’t believe me? Bet you can hear the name BP without that former blind rage. Bet most people can’t even pick out Rwanda on a fucking map. Darfur? The human rights violations happening daily around the world- our own backyard included? The fact that those living in The Gaza Strip struggle to even own fucking pencils, let alone seed, livestock, or building materials- basically anything in order to help them be self sustainable???? Have we learned?

I’m sorry to be the little black cloud with the disgusted look leaning quietly in the corner, but I am. I wish we would learn from our mistakes but the odds are not in our favor my friends. I give the outrage about a month to burn itself out and by then I’m sure another million dollar athlete will have fucked a hooker and thereby jerking our collective minds in their direction with the force of a bullet to the back of the head.

Our species really is grotesque.

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Kim Says:

and I totally just fell in love with Maher after his interview with Anderson about all this shit.

batcavebilly Says:

You should check out S. Palin’s facebook page about relaoading for the target….

Kim Says:

Yeah- And these are supposed to be our leaders.

And a chipper good morning to you, too!

Stever Says:

However small any changes may be, or temporary as they may be, I’m glad to see despicable people like Sarah Palin and Glen Beck taking serious heat for their hateful rhetoric.

Today I heard the head of Faux News has told staff to “shut up, tone it down”.

Dan Says:

“I’m sorry to be the little black cloud with the disgusted look leaning quietly in the corner, but I am. I wish we would learn from our mistakes but the odds are not in our favor my friends.”

That’s usually me, too.

Dusty Says:

Maher ripped Jay Leno’s right-leaning audience the other night and it was priceless. There is video of it: it gets good about six minutes into it. He ticked off lots of incidents where the extreme rightwing nutters, like Batshit Bachmann are going after anyone that disagrees w/them with violent rhetoric. You Kim, watched the video up on my blog of the teabagger in San Diego who lost the election and took his thugs over to the winner and they taunted him, threatened him and ultimately attacked one of Filner’s campaign staff. NO ONE in the San Diego media reported on this. Thanks Corporate Media!

Unfortunately, as a society, I think we tend to be outraged for a week or so, then it’s back to life as usual. How many people are still upset about the repurcussion of the oil spill in the gulf? Not many.

Dusty Says:

Native Minnow, as someone that witnessed and took part in the attempt to save hundreds of fowls and mammals covered in oil in the very first oil spill in Santa Barbara in 1969, I am still pissed and really angry that Obama has quietly reneged on making the oil companies pass environmental muster when drilling in deepwater. He did that this week. I get batshit crazy over it all as I will never forget what I saw as a 16 year old kid over 40 years ago.

Kim Says:

Yes Dusty, but you’re one of a kind and definitely one of the exceptions.
We need more Dustys.

Dusty Says:

I apologize for coming off as a grandiose bitch.

I should of tempered my response by saying the problem is not with people caring, its with the Corporate Media reporting and staying on an issue after the ‘fire’ has been put out. The CM has the attention span of a friggin gnat and thats wrong on many levels. Alternative media provides more information on the environment and other important issues than we ever get from WaPo, the NYT and their ilk.

Again, I am sorry for my tone.

Kim Says:

YOU, my dear lady, NEVER have to apologize for your tone!!!!

Dusty Says:

To address the actual post, I really do not think the killers politics are relevent as he was seemingly a real head case. However, the rights tendency to use violent rhetoric that provokes violent mental images, and in Palin’s case, she outright used gunscopes on her map, has no place in the national discussion of issues.

Palin and her ilk of political pundits are not able to address, intelligently, the issues. They rely solely on buzzwords and bullshit to make their points. To say they are intellectually retarded is an understatement. That she also plays the victim card at every turn shows her glaring lack of facts to support her assertions as well.

Hugs Kimmy! I will step off the soapbox now. ;)

Kim Says:

Intellectually retarded is a perfect description!!!

Brian Smart Says:

Politically and historically people have done this. You’ve all seen it in an argument that has gone to shit where someone feels like the’ve lost their edge and has to resort to name calling. Palin, her contemporaries, and to a large extent our our PM in Canada has played to the lowest common denomitor; fear. We fear what we don’t know and we easily hate what we don’t know and quickly move to attack what we don’t know. We have, historically, killed each other and a myriad of other species because we’ve been scared and have the ability to kill that which we fear.

Imagine explaining to your kids, your relatives, your friends kids, the subject of democracy and more simply, how you should be decent to your fellow human beings and using terms and visuals like “targets”.

Sarah Palin might be the most dangerous woman in the world right now and if she’d not than I will be glad to be wrong and sleep better at night.

Kim Says:

That lady scares the shit out of me.

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