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posted on: August 30th, 2008

Here it is folks, the top ten reasons that I hate Nancy Grace. Have you seen her circus show? If you have then you know exactly why I want to punch her.  It will be difficult to keep it to just Ten reasons, but I will try. My friend Stanny-stan-stan once voted me for a superlative on facebook and it is a classic (and I phrase that I utter often.)

Kim-most likely to punch Nancy Grace in the throat.

Ok. So here we go. Why I hate Nancy Grace; why she gives me a rash, why I cringe when I hear her name, and the almost uncontrollable fury I feel when people take her words as some sort of divine prophecy.

#10-Her voice. Just her voice her alone makes me want to strangle the life outta her.

#9-The way she belittles people in order to make a point that is often irrelevant.

#8-Her constant reminders to her audience that she is far more intelligent than she actually is.

#7-That shitty supercilious attitude to anyone who dares to disagree with her

#6-Her regular habit of overriding fact with a loud insulting voice. The more obvious the guests facts are, or the more proof supplied, the louder and more obnoxious Nancy gets.

#5-Her lack of integrity & sincerity.

#4-Regardless of the situation or what she is saying out loud, every conversation that she has is actually about her….how sincere, how caring, how above the “dirty masses” she is. She truly thinks that she is the world’s gift of incorruptible journalism. (I just puked a little in my mouth there. Sorry.)

#3-Go to her web site (sorry- refuse to link to it) Think “Jerry Springer” as I list a few of her “headlines”

Microwave baby retrial shifts focus to boys.

Half ton woman too big to kill tot.

Lying Pastor had porn fetish, not cancer.

Killer says he’s too fat to execute.

Just being on her website gives me a huge fucking pain behind my left eye.

#2-Located beside that microwave baby headline is both the ‘Nancy Grace baby blog” & “Nancy’s twins photography” (that alone gets my hand twitching just a little bit.) It is an oft repeated display of her lack of professionalism, lack of class & glaring lack of common sense.) Shit, sorry- got ahead of myself…..

#1-Lack of professionalism, lack of class & glaring lack of common sense.

Please feel free to add to my list as there are so many more of her “attributes” that I haven’t yet touched on.


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Donna Says:

To add on to number 10- it sounds like she’s talking with one of those synchronized swimmer nose plugs in.

And number 11. She’s got a chin that could cut cheese, or give the Wicked Witch of the West a run for her money.


Sue Says:

I totally hear what you are saying. She is so NASTY to her guests. And generally misquotes them. I cannot for the life me understand why her show is still on. She only takes calls from people who “admire” her (admire what?)and absolutely love the “twins”. Come on - what does that have to do with show. Furthermore, no disrespect to the producer, but besides all of the commercials, the 1 hour broadcast must have a minimum of 20 minutes of filler or constantly repeaded clips/pictures. We are tuning her out and Jane Valdez (I think that is her name) in. Grace should be FIRED!

mountaingirl08 Says:

I hate Grace too. How come she invites people to be her guests then is insufferably rude? And people still like her? Her callers sure do. Maybe they were raised in a barn. And yes, we know her fiance was murdered. Must she beat the subject to death? Why is she so obsessed w. Caysee Anthony? Is it mental or is she so obsessed because of the ratings? And why doesn’t she take Lou Dobbs and join that insufferable, but unintentionally hilarious, Glenn Beck? Also Jane Velez-Mitchell is starting to drift into the Grace zone, what w. the hysterical “beaking news now!!!” intro. and all that other hype when she is intro’ing her show. HLN is hankering to become a new Fox type network I suppose.

at least, if she was ATTRACTIVE, I could justify watching her show! The only things she has going for her, physically, are the blonde hair (however, in a horrible ‘do) and the eyes. Oh, but then she opens her mouth, and while most southern accents can make a woman attractive, she sounds like an IDIOT! ARE WE SICK OF A SO-CALLED “JUSTICE” SHOW BEING INTERRUPTED BY PICTURES OF HER UGLY TWINS, OR WHAT?!

anne Says:

I hate Nancy Grace also - the rudeness she displays to anyone who disagrees with her, the fact that she constantly brings up that she was a “murder victim” (her poor husband)and especially the fact that every child story makes her go into how Wonderful she is with “the twins”. Don’t understand Why people call in and say they “love” her and thank her. She is a total Bit–!

Mad Mike Says:

Nancy disGrace is the definition CUNextTuesday. To see her or to hear her talk makes me want to torture and kill a kitten. Her twins are proof that still-born babies do get better…if only slightly. Her husband did not die. He just staged his death to escape the horrors of being married to such a crotch. He’s probably sitting in Palau, sipping a cocktail, and happier than ever. The only way I wouldn’t take a dump on her grave is if she performed Seppuku. Nancy Grace supporters should go to their nearest WalMart, purchase a 12Ga. shotgun, a box of shells, and wash your mouths out with buckshot! Disclaimer: Even though you may feel horribly guilty and utterly stupid for liking Nancy Grace, I would not advise you to kill yourself. Nor would I actually kill a kitten. And I suppose I wouldn’t poop on Nancy’s grave either. How tempting though!!

Joe Says:

She’s like a leech or parasite who makes a living from some peoples misfortune and other stupid psychotic behavior. To me thats the worst. That is how you make your living (Nancy and that Jane girl also) from other peoples suffering. Sarcastically “very noble”.

dd Says:

“HLN is hankering to become a new Fox type network I suppose.”
Sigh. It really has.

aboosh natah ashoel Says:

***She has hairy nipples*** with her ugly hair and fat ass in those sexy pant suits

and the snarling drool caused by rabies complicated by a resistant oral STD

I think nancy grace is hot. I love it when she gets her head sheared. She looks like a sheep that just got hit by a car.

Also ,, I like to drink two bottles of nyquil and watch her show I get all trippy and fantasize that she is berating just me for my pleasure.
It makes me jealous when she is cruel to others I want her all to myself.
Hit me NANCY, Scream at me NANCY, Drive your high heels into my back with your cancles
and your hairy toes

NANCY GRACE IS A SEAT STAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from a leaky anus or an infected vagina

aboosh natah ashoel Says:


the fiancee died under mysterious circumstances. he chewed off his own genitals to protect the rest of society,from the possibility of N.G. procreating her evil spawn using his genetic material for her twisted purposes. He feared she would use his sperm and her stem cells to create the skin to cover the metal exoskeleton of an army of synthetic loud mouth cunts that would attempt to conquer the world.

NANCY DISGRACE looks like a scary PUPPET from the JEFF DUNHUM show.

It is a good thing Tiger Woods is having personal problems. Now Nagy Grate has something to pick at besides the scabs on her ‘gina.

NAGY GRATING is an evil cyborg that gains power from it’s worshipers that watch the show every night.
N.G. draws the power thru the TV.
N.G. must be stopped be for it’s power get to the point it cannot be stopped.
The only way to stop N.G. is to not watch the show,THEN… the evil cyborg will weaken and people from the future will come and throw it in a pot of molten iron.

Nancy Grace is a Seat Stain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cat Says:

OMG, if I have to hear about her ugly-ass twins one more time I’m going to end up on her show as one of the headlines. BREAKING NEWS - No one give s flying f**k about your stupid kids!! I mean, Wow! Congrats! You can breed! But wait - you shouldn’t have! We don’t need anymore self-centered, opinionated dip-sh*ts in the world, which your kids will no doubt be as they are being raised by you - the biggest self consumed, dim-whitted, narcassitic f**ktard the world has seen! Get over yourself and F**K OFF! :)

Margene Says:

I hate her because even after Melinda Duckett killed herself right after being on her show, it didn’t make her any nicer to her guests. Melinda was the young mother of a toddler who went missing in Florida. So, when the next young mother of a toddler missing in Florida comes along its Casey Anthony and Nasty Nancy calls her TotMom and the state rushes a bogus case because she has stirred up the masses with her show. I do believe that Nostradamus is right and Nancy Grace is wrong. For that I am harrassed on Facebook by her sheeples. I just think it is strange that she has every picture ever taken of Caylee Anthony. And she insists George could do no wrong. Think what you want about Casey Anthony, but keep studying this case. Something is very fishy about it. And since Nancy knows everything, maybe she knows more than she is telling us.

Clarence Says:

She is a fat cow, ugly and stupid. I despise her with a passion. She knows nothing about the law. Every person ever suspected of a crime is guilty in her eyes. The killer of her boyfriend got the wrong person.

When I see this lady, I get the urge to punch her squarely in her face, she makes points that are so damn closed minded, I literally pull my hair out watching her. She recently interviewing the lady defending the man that accidentally shot his wife with an ak47. The lady says “blah blah blah … he loved his family very much … blah blah… he was a huge gun buff” and so nancy all knowing never wrong grace says “Well if he was such a gun buff, why would he not know the gun was loaded” Dont get me wrong its a somewhat fair question, but it just annoys me the way she asked it, but I mean the guy probably pulled the clip and failed to expel a chambered round. But he prob killed his wife lol I just hate nancy grace, when will someone “accidentally” have a chambered bullet intentionally blow her brains out.

Todd Says:

Has anyone but me noticed that NO MALE caller EVER gets through when she takes calls. She most likely absolutely forbids it!

Steve Says:

I have never seen her show. However I do have HLN channel on. With that said I had to look up this site for the simple reason I can’t stand her only from seeing the commercial for her show. How can she possibly “make a difference” ?

tommy meehan Says:

I’m watching her right now with Anderson Cooper. At one point I thought he was going to take his ear plug out and say, I’m sorry I can’t do this.”

WHAT is she doing on the air? Does she have something on CNN?

Kim Says:

Hahaha! i already love Anderson. I would love him even more if he just walked out!

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