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posted on: May 26th, 2009

Dear Asshole,

You, California Supreme Court, are not so fucking supreme.

Seriously? You let it stand?

You should all be embarrassed by your small minded bigotry.

You disgust me.


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Fearless Says:

I’ll second that.

Brian Smart Says:

Me too. I have never understood why the problem with allowing same sex marriages. Religion? That’s bullshit. I bet if you said that to God he’d say that as far as he can tell there is a shortage of love in the world, and he’ll take whatever kind he can get.

Agreed. It’s ignorant and depressingly bad.

Jeannie Says:

Honestly? I think they should ban marriage because the only ones who are sure to win are the lawyers. Instead, have a civil contracts (of varying types if necessary) with renewal clauses. If you have resided together at the same address for 6 months, you may contract to share health and other benefits until such time as you are no longer together. Since when should sex have anything to do with setting up a home together? An adult son caring for his aged parent, 2 sisters, best friends, anyone with a connection should be able to become a mutually adopted “family” for whatever reason. For adoption of a minor - perhaps only one should be allowed to apply - the more nurturing of the couple.

Bon Don Says:

Next time I go to Gay Pride you’re coming with me so we picket!

Desert Rat Says:

I’m with you, Brian and Jeannie.

I am in Guadalajara with two very nice fun gay guys from LA (they are not together) and when they told me the news I think I was more upset than they were…they are more so happy that the other marriages were not voided..can you imagine how even more devastating that would have been? but anyway why is this an issue? We are not suppose to mix religion and state? The only reason for the ban is religion and that should be out. This makes me so angry if I was in CA today I would have protested.

Chick Says:

& we all thought they were so liberal out there.

Lesly Says:

with ya sista-blogged about the same today!

Did I move to Nebraska when I was drunk?

To steal a joke from my mother: At least the Supreme Court gave them a straight answer. Ba dum ching.

All joking aside, this ruling disappointed me, as did the election results on Prop 8 last fall.

Kim Says:

I like your mother.

LiLu Says:

“You should all be embarrassed by your small minded bigotry.”

They will be.

shine Says:

But they let the marriages that were performed stand, too. Which makes no sense.

Wait, let me start over. Seriously, people, wtf? This is not okay. No one should get married, I’ll grant you, but if you’re going to let some people get married, you have to let all people get married. I understand not approving marriage between people and goats, but some people truly do love goats. But allowing gay people to marry does not mean that next week people will be marrying goats. Even though they don’t talk back and I hear they’re very gentle lovers. One does not lead to the other. Nor does any of the other crap you’re so afraid of make any fucking sense. Please follow your Bible’s rules and stone me for eating shrimp, if that’s how it has to be.

But having said that, how does it make sense to say, “Yeah, this isn’t okay, I supreme courtly rule that you don’t have the right to be married. But…well, it’s okay for this small percentage of the gay population who got in under the wire”? Way to create strife in an otherwise, fairly united community. Assholes.

Hannah Says:

I am also disgusted by the Court’s decision to bow to the pressure created by a bunch of inbred, right-wing nutjobs who believe that Satan himself will bust out of the ground if gays are allowed to marry.

Sheer stupidity!

justjp Says:

Amen girl!

Nin Says:

VERY disappointed in California right now.

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