to desire the replica

posted on: February 10th, 2010

Dear Asshole,

A dozen times a day you ask me. Your shiny/happy/grain fed people on TV keep asking me, as well as in the newspaper, online, on the radio, and in slick glossy magazine articles.

“Do YOU believe?”

Yes, I believe. I believe in broken promises, budgets that you had no intention of keeping, and shady press conferences to down play your enormous cost over runs. I believe in the hungry and homeless and mentally ill that scar your perfect vision of Vancouver as an urban utopia and I believe you wish it were socially acceptable to set them adrift at sea so you wouldn’t have to deal with them. I believe that you only care about homelessness in a “send it somewhere else while the world is watching” sort of way and then when the Olympics end, so will your feigned interest.  I believe in a massive burden of debt handed to the people of BC all wrapped up in a red fucking scarf from the Bay or Roots, or where ever the hell people buy that shit. I believe in job losses directly attributed to this debt, and I believe we will all pay higher taxes. I believe in the cutting or underfunding of important social services and programs and I believe that you don’t give a flying fuck about the people effected by these losses.

I believe that you are more concerned with what people think of Vancouver than you are about it’s actual citizens or the negative long term affects that the games will have on Vancouver and BC as a whole. I believe that the Olympics as they are today are financially irresponsible and there are many other ways to highlight athletic achievement in a manner that doesn’t snap the spine of the host city and I wholeheartedly believe that you care above none of this.

Lastly, I believe that you have no right to be angry about or should be allowed to censor anything that I or any other person may say against the Olympics. Despite the fact that you had performers of the games sign those bullshit “Only happy, positive comments allowed” or your ridiculous “free speech zones” I believe that you have no right to complain about my complaints.

After all jackass, you’re the one who keeps fucking asking me if I believe.



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Brian Smart Says:

C’mon Kim…don’t you know we’re going to “Own the podium”?

(Of course we own the podium. We also own the staggering debt that keeps growing and growing that we’ll never really be sure what it really amounts to, not to mention owning the shame of playing games while ignoring our responsibilities toward our fellow human beings).

I hope nobody asks me if I believe. My answers going to be “I believe you’d better get the fuck away from me before I answer your question…you’re not going to like what I have to say or how I say it”

Kim Says:

Yes! And if this is how much a podium goes for these days I’ll just stick to my own little soapbox!

I love this letter. Love love love.

Kim Says:

Then pass it on in Twitter- maybe they’ll ask me to be an Olympic spokesperson!

suz Says:

Well said…now…we need you in our government. I double dog dare you!

Jeannie Says:

Is there supposed to be an upside to hosting the Olympics?

Dan Says:

Haven’t you guys been here before, though?

Ref.: Expo ‘86

Ree Says:

Am so glad that Chicago didn’t get their Olympic bid.

Oops, now they’re going to kick me out of the city.

kim Says:

It’s ok Ree- You can come live in Ihateolympic-ville
We’re just outside the city and have our own dairy farm and still for moonshine.
We’re doing just fine!

Phaedra Says:

I believe I am on the next ferry to the Island to get as far away from this nonsense as I can.

kim Says:

Uhg! don’t blame you Phaedra! Can imagine that it’s quite a shit scene down there right now!
(ps- will be in Van with my friend for a week in April- we should hook up for a coffee or a drink)

Phaedra Says:

it’s like Mardi Gras but not near as cool, no beads or boobs! And an adult bevvie in April would be divine!

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