to desire the replica

posted on: June 22nd, 2010

Monday morning, I have to tell you, was shaping up to be the start of a craptastic week. I wasn’t holding out much hope of feeling any less stabby than I stated the day.

So how does one change that tumble down the shit water-slide? How about a last minute invite from Matt Good to go to the sound check for the Kamloops show, watch the boys fuck around on stage in a big empty theater and then lounge for a good long while in the sun bullshitting with the band and 5 other people. Should that not be enough, how about if Matt graciously puts you on the guest list (with wicked seats I might add) because you have tickets for the Kelowna show tomorrow.

Yeah. That would do it.

I don’t know who I owe karmically but they need a thank you card or a case of bourbon.

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… want to DO IT WITH HIM.

Kim Says:

I like to refer to him as “my other boyfriend.”
We all need a back up plan you know.

Brian Smart Says:

You owe somebody somewhere that’s for sure. As my grandfather often said ” A kind word goes a long way…but a kind word and a bottle of whiskey goes even farther”.

Steve better watch out…Matt might cut his grass.

Kim Says:

hahahha who do you think dropped me off at the sound check???? :)

Brian Smart Says:

Sometimes I think it would be a good idea if my wife had a boyfriend. I could blame stuff on him:
“Hey…who broke the new weed-whacker”
“That was your asshole boyfriend did that”

“Did you drink that whole case of beer?”
“Not me. I think it might have been Lance Romance or whatever the fuck his name is”

Foot rub? No way…boyfriend.

As long as he did not wear my bathrobe and stayed the fuck away from my fishing gear we’d get along fine.

Jeannie Says:

You lucky shit!

Phaedra Says:

Nicely done Kim!!!!

That building in the background looks just like the place I stayed when I was in Kamloops. I doubt it is though.

Kim Says:

it’s an apartment building so probably not but more importantly- what the hell you were you doing in Kamloops?

The place I stayed was an apartment building. And I was passing through on a collecting trip. I worked my way up to Fort St. John and then back down through Vancouver over a two week period. Best road trip ever.

Dusty Says:

Yo woman…you don’t know shit week until you have walked a mile in my flip flops. Today was shittier than yesterday and it’s only fucking TUESDAY!!!!!!

I am gonna kill me someone…..I really don’t give a shit who at this point…perhaps the pharmacist at fucking Walmart..for starters.

Kim Says:

Then walk those damn flip flops over here and lets have a few cold ones in the sun!!!!!!!

Dusty Says:

Gawd, don’t tempt me woman..I have however smoked a bowl of bud in your honor within the last 20 min’s. ;)

a name Says:

that. is. AWESOME. *squeals like the fangirl she is.* SRSLY, FUCKING AWESOME.

(his concert in cleveland in march was like the only halfway-decent thing to happen to me this year. so. GO YOU!)

Kim Says:


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