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posted on: July 27th, 2010

She lived in a cage for 5 years pumping out puppies and lapping water from a fucking hamster bottle. 5 years without anything but wire walls and an abscessed mouth full of rotten teeth- half of which we had to have pulled so that she could learn to eat properly- and a growth covering half of her one and only eye, unnecessarily rendering her mostly blind until we also had that removed. She’d never been for a walk or fallen asleep in someone’s lap while feeling safe and she had never seen a toy let alone would have known what the hell to do with one.

She was never a puppy, she was a product.

This is Lucy now.

She still has her problems. She bolts out of the room at unexpected loud noises, shakes for hours after the thunder stops and has to be medicated for fireworks, but she sleeps curled up with Maggi at the foot of our bed -safe- every night.

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I think this qualifies as a birthday, since it’s when her good life (the only kind dogs should live) began.

Happy Birthday, Lucy.

Kim Says:

Aw crap Nina! I didn’t make her a cake! I suppose a cookie will do….
I hope Daisy’s still doing well, kicking ass and taking names!

Karen Says:

It doesn’t get any better than this…happy birthday Lucy.

Bless you.

Jeannie Says:

Amazing what love can do.

Dusty Says:

I think you know that i rescue abandoned cats and so far three dogs, one of which, our beloved Baby passed a few years back due to cancer.

This made me cry, but a good kinda cry kiddo. I love that you did this and I salute you because I know what you go through to save this type of abused animal. ;)

Kim Says:

Thanks Dusty
SHE makes me thankful everyday that I did.

thank you for loving this puppeh. the puppy mills prey on people loving only their “product” and closing their eyes to the castoffs who make the end product possible. i’m so happy she’s now able to live in her new moment.

also, i want to squeeeeeze her! :)

Reading the horrors of this doggy’s life made me cry a little bit but i am so happy she has a good life with you now!

Julie Says:

I don’t care if you murder someone. You’re still a good person for taking in this wreck of a dog.

Kim Says:

YOU HEARD IT PEOPLE!!!! I get a free MURDER PASS!!!!! (Julie, there may be people calling you in the near future with some questions…)

Phaedra Says:

I remember when she first came into your lives. I cannot believe a year has past already! I am so glad she enriches your lives as much as you do hers!

It’s wonderful that there are people like you who are willing to rescue animals like her.

(Please don’t use your free murder pass on me.)

Dan Says:

Ceiling-Cat sees this, and blesses you for it.

Idea: Use that free murder-pass on the people that do this to animals? Make it…errrm…creative.

kim Says:

Yes. I can do “creative”.

Dan Says:

Cruelty to animals should be punished.
By public execution.

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