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posted on: February 7th, 2010

This afternoon, after my regular life chores like walking the dogs, buying the groceries and doing the dishes, I walked a block through the alley and sat on a greasy spoon diner patio in the crisp air, read The Walrus and drank a couple of beers. There were birds chirping.

It was pretty fucking excellent.

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Jeannie Says:

Too freakin cold here for chirping birds or sitting outside drinking beer.

Brian Smart Says:

Sounds like a fantastic afternoon…and thanks for the reminder; I have not read the Walrus in a long time. Enjoyed the article on the birds of course; I used to visit my Grandfather on Sunday afternoons and he’d always prepare by tossing heaps of seeds around a few days prior in the hope of getting something other than those “fucking sparrows”. We’d have a few glasses of Lagavulin and shoot the shit…not always about birds but mostly…avian evolution…fairly heady stuff for two dumb Irishmen having a few drinks.

Short-sleeve weather in the Yukon today; very unusual for this time of year. My first year here at this time I remember -55C one morning. Killed every brass monkey we had.

kim Says:

Don’t be jealous Jeannie- I was wearing mittens & a scarf!
Brian- Did you check out the Vancouver article? Minus all of the bullshit about the olympics, I really enjoyed it! I love how he compared Vancouver to Lila- that whole part is so true!

Isn’t it amazing that as we get older we long for the peace and quiet?

Kim Says:

It’s so freaking true!

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