to desire the replica

posted on: March 30th, 2009

There is a slight glitch with my bike. Though I was on a CANADIAN site, the cost quoted was actually in US dollars which bumps my Nirve cruiser to $630


I was still considering it until it turns out the one I want “Orange Julius” is not available in Canada. WTF? Canadians don’t like orange? Is there some import/customs law that prohibits items that are a blinding shade of orange from crossing the boarder? I’m not spending over 600 bones on something that is NOT EVEN THE RIGHT COLOUR! Sooooo…. Steve and I checked out our local used bike shop on Saturday. It was closed but right there in the window was my DREAM vintage cruiser. We debated breaking in and just taking it but clarity prevailed. There is a note taped to the bike that we couldn’t read through the window and if it says “sold” I will kill someone (and then steal their bike.)

It kinda looks like this, but imagine it with a basket & a shiny silver bell. My bike will be the less flashy, less pretentious version of what I originally wanted. Like the “yokel” cousin that you are never sure will behave appropriately in public. It will only be about $50 so I will spend the remaining $580 on hookers and blow.

Updated*** Apparently the sign is “sold” but she hasn’t picked it up yet- She has till Wednesday otherwise IT’S MINE!!!! (Stay away from that bike bitch!)

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Matt Says:

So you’re saying canadians DO in fact, like orange?


this post was funny… I was actually just singing the song Bicycle Race by Queen.

I want to ride my bicycle! bicycle!

Matt Says:


Hookers and Blow?

great choice.

Of course Canadians love orange! Hello, Oilers! Anyhoo, I request many pictures of the bike when you do get it.

LiLu Says:

“It will only be about $50 so I will spend the remaining $580 on hookers and blow.”

Please forgive me for the Christmas tree so we can still be friends.

Kim Says:

We LOVE orange Matt! But not orange hookers or blow(Loss- I love that you mentioned the Oilers!!!!!!!)
Lilu- consider the tree forgotten ;)

Jeannie Says:

Only schoolbuses should be orange.

Dusty Says:

Hope you get your bike chica! ;)

What? Canadians don’t like orange? I don’t know if I can be friends with you guys anymore.

f.B Says:

I read “… but clarity prevailed” and thought you were gonna say you found someone else to steal it. Something like, “We gave a hooker some blow to steal it.” But you made an even wiser choice.

Matt Says:

I wonder why they havent came out with orange blow yet…

you know, add some flavor or something.

Donna Says:

I’m coming down for the hookers and blow party if you get it. I wanna see you double a hooker on that bike under the influence of a little blow. lol

I want an old school bike with a basket in a baaaad way.

Kim Says:

We LOVE orange so we can still be friends Dutchess!
I also love the way all of the hookers & blow fans came out to play!

Bon Don Says:

What how did I miss all this talk about hookers & blow yesterday!?? Oh that’s right i didn’t have my laptop cause I suck!

Mmmmm hookers & blow, now I’m all warm & fuzzy inside!

Ok and this:
Like the “yokel” cousin that you are never sure will behave appropriately in public

almost got me in trouble for laughing out loud at work just now!!

I have so many of those in my family!

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