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posted on: January 25th, 2009

Amid handfuls of cake, piles of bright paper and boxes that were deemed more exciting than their contents, baby Gray celebrated his 1st birthday. He is a crazy busy little boy and I could just eat him whole. Not in A dingo ate my baby kind of way, I mean in the he’s so fucking delicious kind of way………

Okay, you’re right. It still sounds creepy.

So, after the little man slipped into his post birthday sugar coma, we adults went out for a wee drink in early celebration of my birthday as Gray and I very nearly share the same one. Besides a whopping bag full of all manner of goodies including an ungodly amount of stationary and notebooks–which I might add, I have always been freakishly addicted to–I received the BEST GIFT EVER which was an official request to be the little man’s God Mother. Though, as none of us are religious, we may have to change my title to “Chick who gets legal custody of Gray should anything ever happen to his parents.” Yeah, a little wordy, I know. I’ll work on it.

I have to say, despite my 30 year friendship with Suz and my love for her husband, I was totally floored and completely taken by surprise. When choosing the person who will be charged with raising your child if the worst were to happen, people seem prone to picking stable family types rather than someone whose favorite saying is “I’d like to punch him/her in the throat” or that randomly moves cities/provinces/countries/continents because “Hey! I’ve never lived there!”

From the moment I discovered that she was pregnant, I knew that her kid(s) would be a huge part of my life. Being the God Mother to this one (and his future sibling) means that my often questionable influence is now legally sanctioned and even if they come to their senses before the papers are signed, they put it in my birthday card, therefore providing me with indisputable written proof. Besides being in awe of their trust and love, I am also extremely grateful that I am not a “competitive” gift giver because seriously, I don’t know of any store that would sell something to beat “If we get hit by a bus you can have our kid.”

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suz Says:

Darling…we are honored that you said yes! As you witnessed this weekend, The Little Man is more than a handful!

Little do you know…WE WERE SOOOO SERIOUS! when we said that we were going to disappear as soon as those papers are drawn up (firstly leaving Grayson leashed to your cats fav. spot)!
Grayson is thrilled with the idea by the way! Tonight he whispered his very first words…” When do I get to live with Auntie Kimmer?”
Haha! If he keeps up his Aquarius mood swings it could very well be sooner than you both think!
The Souter Family loves Auntie Kim! We think the world of you! Today the three of us are grateful for you!

Happy early birthday and congrats on the honor!

Awe,Congratulations, I can see why you would want to eat him whole…those cheeks and chin - so cute! Happy Birthday

Aw look at that little schweetums, who wouldn’t want to eat him up?

Dusty Says:

Aw, congrats on the new title and hopefully it’s a job you will never be tasked with doing dear friend.

Happy friggin Birthday to you as well! I don’t celebrate those fuckers anymore, I just use them as a way to get what I want for a day. ;)

Chick Says:

He looks like love.

Congratulations on such a high honor…wow.

Chick Says:

Oh…& happy birthday to both of you!

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