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posted on: July 21st, 2009

It’s summer in the BC interior which means that today is hot. Blissfully, torturous, glaringly hot. I live exactly 9 minutes-walking with the dogs-from the river. The river is cool. Blissfully, tortuously, glaringly cool.

The air is dry and when you step out from indoors there is a brief searing on your skin. Sunglasses are mandatory. So is the river.

It’s only 36 today but by Friday it will be 39-40 degrees. For those of you in USAville, that’s 102-104.  We most definitely do not live in igloos.

Even the bees and butterflies and such are lazy in this weather. They fly more slowly. They sit in the shade. Stores sell more ice cream, bars sell more cold beer in frosted glasses, and everyone has a favorite patio. There are summer dresses. There are flip flops.

The hills surrounding my city are filled with wild sage, tiny bright flowered cactus and desert hoodoos. It looks like a movie set against the blue sky. Fat ripe apricots drop from branches all over town making the air sticky sweet.

Floating gently down the river on a tube with a six pack tied behind you in the water is a city wide pastime. The dogs nap under giant maple trees and all meals are made outdoors. The neighborhood smells of BBQ every night. If you listen closely, you can hear the psssst! of beers being opened all down the block.

It’s summertime in the BC interior which means that today is hot. Blissfully, tortuously, glaringly hot.

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Sigh. I love heat. I HATE winter. I’m already frowning when I think of it coming. :)

I love apricots too.

Kim Says:

I love fall too- the other two seasons can piss off.

justjp Says:

That sounds like Orlando weather, minus humidity.

Brian Smart Says:

Believe it or not the weather’s been great in the Yukon too. Me, wife, offspring, and dog have Rose Lake (south of Kusawa Territorial Park) all to ourselves next week and there is a nice sandy beach for the kids to play, and the water is “swimmable” too. I’m strapping all the beer I can inside the canoe and then tying to the plane (thanks Farley Mowat, for that idea).

Jeannie Says:

It’s disappointingly cool and wet here. NOT a normal Ontario summer by any stretch. I am so jealous.

Dave Says:

In ten days we will be on Denman Island, sipping cold beer on hot sand. My itinerary includes running, writing, drinking coffee and baileys, reading, swimming, drinking cold beer, reading and sleeping. That is all.

Brian, how are you keeping the igloo stable with all that warm??

Dave Says:

Oh shit, I’m not supposed to post that I’m going on vacation am I.
Oh well, i pity the poor guy who breaks into my house to find a bunch of abandoned condiments in the fridge, a ratty couch and a bunch of bookshelves, with all the good stuff gone on vacation. Hah! serves him right.
I have a couple of Hayden records and a great old George Jones one too.

Dave Says:


Kim Says:

Dave- just put barbed wire in the igloo entrance! Your condiments will be safe!
Brian- Best beer idea EVER. I love Farley Mowat!
Jeannie- I wish I could lend you some of our hot, we have an excess right now!
JP- I’m glad to do without the humidity. I lived in Toronto for a couple of years and it’s like stepping outside wearing a hot wet fur coat. uhg.

f.B Says:

The heat sounds like death. But the town/neighborhood reaction to the heat sounds amazing. There are now three places in this world I wanna go:

1. where everybody knows my name, and they’re always glad I came;
2. where I can hear the pssst! of beers being opened; and
3. where it smells like BBQ every night.

kim Says:

It is heavenly…….

Oh I see veg ass on here!

So your hot AND canadian? Wtf.

I like ottawa and to a lesser degree, montreal.

I’m in upstate ny and the weather SUCKS this summer!

Kim Says:

Hot, Canadian (west) and ridiculously tanned. HA!
life is grand my dear- GRAND!
(Sorry about your weather- I’d lend you some if I could but I pretty fucking greedy about stuff like that)

Karen Moore Says:

You couldn’t have said it any better….it doesn’t get any better than this!

Stever Says:

For those that do not know, Canadians too (particularly from the east side), where we are in the interior of British Columbia is east of the coastal mountain range, which create a rain shadow (all that rain lands on Vancouver, Seattle, Portland), and thus forms a semi-arid desert on the other side of the mountains. We are at the northern limit of the Great Basin desert that extends up from Utah, Nevada through part of Idaho and eastern sides of Oregon and Washington.

Prickly Pear Cactus, Sage Brush, Ponderosa Pine, Rattle Snakes, etc…

If you were not paying attention to road signs and distances while driving across Canada you would think you hit a wormhole rift in the time/space continuum and landed smack dab in California. All be it, without quite as much plastic surgery. And the California facade disappears during winter.

I’m never one to romanticize the heat, but it sounds damn near pleasant here.

Kim Says:

it is- I dare say I feel a little spoiled (and a little wilted)

Brian Smart Says:

I was back in Ontario for my 25th highschool reunion until Monday and I feel wilted at the moment…but I’m not sure it was the weather. People over 40 and mosh pits is just a fuckin bad idea.

Kim Says:

ha ha ha ha ha. It’s like socks & sandals or speedos & hairy men.

Brian Smart Says:

…hairy women too.

Sass Says:

What a great post.

I love summer, completely.

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