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posted on: June 24th, 2009

So the move is Friday and I’m working and I’m losing my mind….. I still have so much to do. Low and behold, the rescue dog that I have been inquiring about and attempting to adopt is suddenly BAM! arriving on my doorstep tomorrow!. The timing is not ideal, but then again, neither is living in a cage for 4 years at a puppy mill because they don’t want anyone to see the fact that she was born with only 1 eye. It’s too “unsightly.” Maggi will take a day or two to adjust, but once she realizes it isn’t going anywhere, the new dog will become “hers”.

I’m dropping out of blog sight for a few days while I check off the 8 bazillion things on my many moving/new dog lists, but before I do, here is the picture I was sent of my new girlie.

This is Stella

Update; I just found out that she has only been “Stella” for 24 hours because they don’t know her original name. Since we won’t be screwing with her head, we have decided on Lilly. So….. everyone, meet Lilly.

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LiLu Says:


Okay, I’m done.


Okay, I lied. I demand a video the very SECOND she is in your arms. That is all.

Kim Says:

ha ha ha- Once the move is done I will post one- probably Monday! I CAN’T WAIT TIL SHE’S HERE!!!!!!!

f.B Says:

Adorable. And a great name, too.

Jeannie Says:

She looks adorable! What a time to get her though. Still. Congrats on the new puppy and the move.

Welcome to a much better world, Stella.

Lesly Says:

So, f-in cute! We used to have a 3 legged dog and she could not have cared less. I heard it said once that all dogs have 3 legs-some just happen to have four. likewise, all dogs have one eye-some just happen to have 2.

shine Says:

So I read your first sentence about five times before I finally got that it said “losing my mind” not “losing my hand.” What is wrong with me?!?

In other news, I’m glad you still have both hands. I was really worried about the casual way you were talking about losing a hand.

Kim Says:

In case you missed the update on the post- she’s apparently only been “Stella” for 24 hours- they don’t know what her name was before so we are going with “Lilly.”
Tomorrow @ 5:30. Can’t fucking wait!

Taylor Says:

She is so so so so so adorable!!!

Kim Says:

@Shine- I promise I still have both of my hands, just not all of my mind.

Lily is so cute!!

Um my dog only has 1 eye and I love the crap out of her. She was born with both, but had 1 removed. I do not care. And Stella/Lilly/MichaelDukakis is adoooorable.

Hannah Says:

Awww..what a sweetie! Puppy mills are awful and the people who run them are such scumbags. But she’s now going to have a better life which is great.:)

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