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posted on: January 19th, 2010

There really is no good reason for me posting this. I mean other than because I’m a bitch.

It is January 19 and for some freakishly weird reason it is flip flop weather here in the beautiful BC interior. No snow, blue sky and fucking flip flop weather. I’m not even exaggerating! I walked my dogs in a flimsy little summer cardigan this morning.


oh- and in case you were wondering (of course you were) I pulled an entire dump truck of stuff out of my mother’s house and it now looks lovely. Until next year.

And as us cool cats (Gray & I) are January babies, we had our own little birthday party during my week of minding that adorable crazy little man. Needless to say, he was wearing most of that blue icing when all was said & done.

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Dude, I’m in Winterpeg and here it’s been around minus four degrees for about a week now! It’s like spring. WTF? Did someone steal our winter?

Kim Says:

I know- it’s crazy (but I’m sure as shit not complaining!)

Brian Smart Says:

It’s a (relatively) balmy -13C in Whitehorse this morning and beauty weather for our first lunchtime department hockey brawl…I mean game…across the road from the office.

Happy belated birthday Kim. That little guy looks exactly like my son when he was that age. When we lived by the water’s edge in our old home in Ontario I would sometimes just pull him out of his booster seat after a meal like that and go and dunk him in the river (usually only in the warmer weather).

Kim Says:

“Usually only in warmer weather” hahahahah
and your b-day wishes (thank you!) aren’t belated! Gray is on the 22 & I on the 29th but we won’t be together this year.

suz Says:

Awwww….but you had your wee party!!!!!
It is balmy here today…Hmmmm might go for a walk in a t shirt and jeans….

We got snow last night. It only happens about once a year in Vegas. Sadly, it’s already gone.

kim Says:

Snow in Vegas- now THAT I would like to see! I’ll bet the city comes to a stand still & everyone freaks out!

Brian Smart Says:

I remember being in Australia back in the early ’90’s and living/working in Melbourne for awhile. Getting on the streetcar from St. Kilda Beach one morning to go to work, it was “bitterly cold” according to the Aussies. It was about 4C. I had on shorts, hiking boots, couple layers with a shell on. Streetcar was full of freezing Aussies dressed like a blizzard was coming and they all kind of looked at me when I came up the steps. “Um…I’m from Canada eh”. Everybody just went back to what they were doing.

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