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posted on: October 19th, 2010

I have been a baaaad blogger. Really though, I had a great excuse… You know, the whole honeymoon thing…. (wait- if we stay some of the trip in his parent’s house and some of the time in his sister’s caravan after nights of too many beers does it really count as a “honeymoon????”)

Steve stayed an extra week and is home tomorrow. Guess I have to ask the diving team camped out in the living room to leave. Sigh. Such a shame.

Now that I have officially changed my name I have inherited a very lovely 18 year old step daughter and a whole host of other family that were welcoming beyond belief. (Special mention for the superfantastic sister in law Cheri who smokes all of my cigarettes while I drink all of her beer. We are truly a match made in heaven.)

Yes, the trip was spectacular and once I finish busying myself with all of this married person stuff like ironing tea towels and ordering china, we shall resume our regularly scheduled programing.

(Ok, let’s be honest, if there really was ironing involved I totally wouldn’t have married him.)

Update….. Just heard that there is ironing involved. May have to rethink this.

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Brian Smart Says:

The trick is to pick the household chores that you like, do your best to advertise their difficulty and overall worth to the smooth operation of the household, and then give all the shit jobs to your husband. It goes like this:

wife: Brian…the dog puked on the carpet can you look after that?
me: Why do I have to clean up all the shit and puke around here?
wife: I am helping Zach with his math homework, you can’t do Grade 11 math, and besides that’s why I bought you the Green Machine for your birthday.
me: fuck…she got me again.

You cook…husband cleans up. Take that basic premise and run with it.

Make sure the dive captain does not leave his speedo around or swim goggles or something…always a dead give-away.

Kim Says:

Brian- you always give the best advice!

YOU GOT MARRIED??? that’s super cool! your pictures were lovely! and i’ve missed a lot…

Phaedra Says:

I love ironing. I will come over and show you the best tips and tricks. then you will truly be the trophy wife.


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