to desire the replica

posted on: June 17th, 2009

Steve will hate me for this post, but… whatever. I’m writing it without his permission because that’s the kind of girl I am.

So, as of today, Steve & I have been [insert whichever verb you feel is appropriate] to each other for a year, which in my world, is a record of sorts. I’ve always said that I’m built for speed, not distance. Some days I love that crazy asshat so hard that I want to cut him into little pieces. I would eat a few and carry a few around in my purse. The rest I would scatter around my home and office so that I could pick them up and fondle them lovingly.  Is that weird?


(Wait- will this post get me put on some sort of watch list somewhere? Is that what popularity feels like?)

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shine Says:

Picking each others’ noses?

Karen Moore Says:


Kami Says:

I feel the same way about my guy. Well actually all three of them. They’ve got the most delicious little butts I’ve ever seen (little even though one of them is 6ft tall.) I’d carry those butts around in my pockets if I could…

Dusty Says:

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Congrats sweet woman! But..I do not think hacking him into little pieces is a good idea..makes having sex a tad hard ya know.. ;)

Congrats, you two buggaboos!

Aww, congrats!

Ree Says:

Steve & I have been [insert whichever verb you feel is appropriate] to each other for a year,

Well, congratulations! And may you continue to ::insert appropriate verb here:: as your heart desires!

(If you can figure out how to shrink him, like Willy Wonka did with Mike TV, you could carry him around in your pocket.)

suz Says:

It is indeed a monumental day in history! When Kim can spend an entire year with a man and use the phrase “I want to cut him into tiny pieces” as a positive thing. (Normally she would have wanted to carve that man up and torture each piece slowly for hours.)
Congratulations honey! I knew it was love after he tolerated you for more than a month and visa versa!
How are you celebrating? Bringing out the black boots?

f.B Says:

Hooray! Congratulations.

justjp Says:

Strong work!

Kim Says:

Thanks everyone- however, Steve may kill me for this post…… so there ends the love-fest.

LiLu Says:

No way! Mine’s tomorrow!

Awesome sauce, m’lady.

(Who fucking says m’lady??)

Kim Says:

ha ha ha ha… YOU do!!!!

Jeannie Says:

The watchlist is very long. I’ve made it 27 times now.

I’m liking the MadLibs approach to blogging. My verb of choice for this post: Googling. It sounds dirty, but it’s not.

Kim Says:

@NM- then I guess I spent the evening googling. ;)

Hannah Says:

Congrats! You guys are a cute couple.:)

You all make me sick. Or I’m just bitter?

BornRightTheFirstTime Says:

awww congrats, k….

my lil sour kraut (heh) and i just celebrated our 3rd year on 4/20, and the relationship seems to get better n better over time.

all i could think about when you said “cut him into little pieces” was Careful With That Axe, Eugene…

kim Says:

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Stever Says:

I hate you for this post. Maybe only a little bit, but I do :)

kim Says:


Glad for ya!

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