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posted on: January 11th, 2010

As of tomorrow guess what I will be doing??!!


Fine. Be that way. I’ll tell you anyway though because I am FAR TO EXCITED TO CONTAIN MYSELF.

So…. as of tomorrow I have my squirming wiggling baby Gray all to myself until SATURDAY while his lovely parents are strolling around New York. Yes- me & the little man- learning new words and dramatic gestures to stun and anger thrill his parents upon their return.

But wait- there is more. While the wee one is in daycare I shall be cleaning up my lovely crazy mother’s house. (Think A & E’s “Hoarders” but with no emotional attachment to the billions of items, no dead animals and far more laughing.) I try to do it once a year but missed 2009 so who knows what kind of goodies I’ll find!!! I know- it doesn’t sound like fun to many but I dig it. My aunt has rented me a dumpster so clearly I mean fucking business.

Sigh. Baby Gray and organizing someone shit. It’s like the heavens opened up and are peeing tropical flavored skittles on to my upturned & smiling face.

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Want to come organize my life next? I don’t have any dead critters either. Have fun!

Brian Smart Says:

I recall when my great-aunt Helen passed away down in the states. When we cleaned up her house we realized that she probably sustained herself in the later years of life on Metamucil, red licorice and sherry. She had enough to survive a nuclear holocaust.

Karen Moore Says:

Hope your time with baby Gray doesn’t go too fast….savor every minute.

LiLu Says:

Oh, my lord. When my grandmother passes, I am officially calling you. I will pay in Skittles.

Kim Says:

LiLu- It is the currency of the future!!!!!! (or Rieces Pieces)

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