to desire the replica

posted on: January 30th, 2009

If I were in Alberta I’d say it was a chinook but I have no fucking idea what it’s called here in the motherland of BC. Whatever it’s name, it’s deliciously fabulous! It’s been about 7 million degrees below zero forever so this unexpected warm breeze coming from the left** is amazing. Kamloops is notorious for it’s relentless wind. Sometimes it feels like it never fucking ends. It cuts into you right down to your marrow and laughs merrily as you struggle to keep the scarf over your nose and cheeks as they freeze into death grey blocks of solid flesh. Tonight’s warm breeze is like an ice cold beer under a blazing sun or a dirty wink by a hot nerd in the subway.

Bring it on baby. I’m ready.

**I know, I’m sure that said breeze is coming from an actual direction, however I cannot tell you which it is. Drop me in any city in the world and I will find my way easily to the nearest hostel or bar or train station. In Athens where, much to the disdain of most tourists, every map is different by a street or two I still managed to find my hostel, get drunk, and find the port to the nirvana that is the Greek Islands. However, in my own city– right in my own fucking back yard– I cannot tell you which direction South is. Or North. Or it’s other buddies. I am “directionally challenged” to say the least. I use up, down, left, and right. Frustrating as hell for most but it seems to work for me.

ps- I am currently drinking an icy cold Keith’s India Pale Ale (one of several) so perhaps the warm breeze is simply wishful thinking?


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Jeannie Says:

A little warm breeze would be so nice! So would a cold beer but Keith’s is one that doesn’t agree with me. (Instant hangover) Although I hate to be boring, Labatt’s has always been a safe one for me. As is Corona. And I’ve found Boddington’s good. No Molson’s though. I wonder what the offending ingredient is.

Jay Says:

Oh, warm you say? I think I remember that. Vaguely. I’d take it, from the right or from the left.

Rachel Says:

“Tonight’s warm breeze is like an ice cold beer under a blazing sun or a dirty wink by a hot nerd in the subway.”

LOL! omg. That is brilliant.

suz Says:

Love! That you used the word Egad!

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