to desire the replica

posted on: February 22nd, 2010

It’s a very well known fact that I cook, and I cook well. Very well in fact. I like fresh, I like aromatic, and I like bold.

However, even a hard core foodie craves a little grossness now & then and I just had my annual craving for a grease-fest. You know the kind- when you feel like you have to shower several times after eating…..

Don’t judge me.

Are these chest pains normal? Is it possible for your arteries to actually hurt?

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shine Says:

Kim! That’s not even really chicken!

But I’m not judging. McDonald’s fries get me every time.

Cardiologist to Jim Gaffigan: I’ve been looking at your bloodwork and this may seem like a strange question but… have you been drinking gravy?

Brian Smart Says:

I always think of my old roomates from universtiy when I see KFC: I lived with 4 other guys off-campus including my current brother-in-law (that’s a different story). One night on the way home from the pub we make a stop and get one of those colossal sized buckets. One of the boys, Mick, is passed out in the back seat. In the same little mall there is another bar, so we decide that Mick will be OK in the car if we go in for “just one beer”. Quite awhile later we come out; all is well and Mick is still sound asleep in the backseat. We pile in and start heading home…and of course that wonderful KFC aroma is making it impossible to stay out of the bucket. So Rob flips the lid off the bucket…and there is a momentary pause as he rustles through the chicken. “Hurry up man…pass me a piece” to which he replies “Mick! You fucker…you ate the skins off of every fucking piece!!!” Horrific but true; at some point while we’re in the bar, Mick has woken up and eaten the skin off all 18 pieces of chicken…and then passed back out. Worst part was we didn’t make it home before he started to puke

Kim Says:

ahhhhh. it’s amazing how KFC just brings us all together. (Though unfortunately it’s usually a gathering in the emergency ward.)

suz Says:

I like to say..Yucky Kentucky!!!

brad Says:

I’m not ashamed to say that that’s the most beautiful picture I’ve seen today. I know it’s an ugly kind of beautiful because of the whole “shortens life expectancy” thing, but that still counts. Ugly beauty is in.

Kim Says:

Ugly beauty is the new black.

Batcavebilly Says:

I usually have to have one of those a year as well.
Is that a straw I see in the gravy bowl??

kim Says:

It’s a spoon- I SWEAR IT!

Stever Says:

KFC is full of fond memories for me. My grandfather owned 5 KFC locations in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. I have photos, or my mom does, of me as a youngster meeting the real Colonel Sanders. My grandfather even wore one of those Southern string bow tie things with his 3 piece suit. Every day! And he went to work every day till he died at 78.

Some sad memories too. After he died, Pepsi Co. bought out all the independent franchises. My 3 uncles that were still running them got paid out millions. The one with money sense died within a couple years. The other two pissed it away and were broke within a five years.

Kim Says:

(He told me the “broke within 5 years” thing AFTER we’d been dating for ages.)
I had once imagined myself a Kentucky Fried Queen.

With me it’s a Subway BLT minus the “L” and with lots of sweet onion sauce. OMG. Comfort eating at its best. But hey it’s not that bad. It has TOMATO on it…

I have never had KFC. True.

Kim Says:

Don’t worry Veg- on that particular day, I ate enough for both of us!

Ree Says:

I think I could live on KFC mashed potatoes.

a name Says:

In South Carolina, we had Bessinger’s BBQ. One was on my way home from work, very close to my house. I was nearly-vegan for seven months… Except for that one burger. 1/3 lb burger, basket of french fries and an onion the size of a Krispy Kreme, with a huge cup of sweet tea. SOOOOOOOOO WORTH IT. I try to get one whenever I go back there (2x/yr).

a name Says:

onion RING i meant. and might as well have been a doughnut itself. it was almost all batter, and the crispiest thing EVER, with this almost-melted center.

Kim Says:

Great- now I’m craving MORE kfc.
Mike Myers was right- the Colonel DOES put in an addictive chemical that makes you crave it!!!! Sneaky fucking bastard.

Phaedra Says:

We all have to jump ship once in a while. Though my guilty once-a-year dirty pleasure is Rotten Ronnies. but don’t tell anyone ;)

kim Says:

When I’m hung over NOTHING hits the spot like an egg mcmuffin!

I now know what I want for dinner ;-)

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