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posted on: January 29th, 2010

Check me out! I look pretty fucking good for 40, don’t I? I know these green plaid shorts really aren’t in style anymore but I like to consider myself a bit of a trendsetter. And yes, that gorgeous blond is all natural. I think it’s the smoking and drinking that gives me such a youthful glow.

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Brian Smart Says:

Happy Birthday Kim - have a wonderful day.

My twin daughters are turning 12 in a few days and the party is tomorrow (I think about 14 girls in all…some of which are there for the sleepover). My son has already made plans to abandon me and is off to a friends house to avoid the entire debacle. I was happy to see my girls had asked their friends to make donations to relief in Haiti instead of presents.

suz Says:

!!!!! We love you! have a fabulous day sweetheart!!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday!!

Um also? I would totally wear those shorts.

Kim Says:

Thanks Lillith xoxoxox
JAGirl- You can totally borrow them! ;)
Brian-What a sweet thing for your girls to do! And for the party- I suggest ear plugs. And bourbon.

Holy shit dude, by the time you’re 80 you’ll look about 15! :) Happy birthday! Drink bad things, eat cake and misbehave like a fiend!

Incidentally my hair was that same colour when I was that age and now I’m GINGER. WTF?

Kim Says:

hahahahha VEGGIE’S A GING!!!!!!!

brad Says:

Happy, Happy Birthday!

And you were way ahead of your time with those shorts. Was that picture featured on The Sartorialist?

Dave Says:

Happy Birthday Kim,
You look remarkably skinny for forty.
I wish drinking and smoking made me look that way, it seems to have backfired somewhere along the way.


Kim Says:

Thank you all!
SEE! tell your doctor to piss off- drink & smoke as much as I do & you too can look like you’re 6 years old!!!!

Batcavebilly Says:

Happy Birthday Kim!

Jeannie Says:

Happy birthday - gosh you are really cute!

Ree Says:

A very, very happy birthday to you!

Actually, those green plaid shorts are coming back into style judging by what I see people wearing on campus these days. Happy Birthday!

Brian Smart Says:

Kim: Had the girls birthday party tonight (just cleaning up now). First time they have had boys; I thought you would appreciate this conversation I had with one of them:

Andrew: Sir? Umm…do you mind if I take Gillian to the movies next week?
me: (a little startleed and trying not to laugh..he’s 12 but deadly serious): No Andrew I don’t mind but you should be aware that I have rules.
Andrew: Rules? What kind?
me: My daughter has a curfew Andrew. I’ll expect her home at a certain time…in fact I’ll come and get her myself. Are you aware that part of what I do for a living is put radio collars on grizzly bears?
Andrew: Yes sir…Gillian told me that and you came to my school once.
me: OK. So understand that I don’t tolerate somebody breaking the rules that concern my daughters and I always need bait for the bears…point being, that if you break the rules you’re the bait OK?
Andrew: OK.

Wife: You know you’re going to scare all of your daughters’ potential boyfriends shitless right?
me: Yep. That’s my job baby. Your dad did it to me and now I’m doing it to them. If he really likes her he’ll be back.
Wife: the only thing that proves is that you and my Dad are both jackasses…and you’re trying to make Andrew a jackass too.

Phaedra Says:

Happy birthday beautiful lady!

Kim Says:

Thanks Phaedra! I hope your trip over the pond was fantastic!
Brian- You rule! Best dad conversation ever!!!! (and if your girls complain let them know that my dad wasn’t around as a kid so I had 2 older brothers to do that job. They didn’t have much restraint and some anger issues. I recall my one brother shooting a dates car with a pellet gun from his bedroom window!!!!)

Happy belated birthday!!!! I kinda like those shorts but I am not always in the fashion loop.

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